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My name is gRegor Morrill, a.k.a. gRegorLove. I live in San Diego, enjoy tinkering on the web, and try to make people laugh. Yes, “Gregor is a weird name,” and I know gRegor is a weird capitalization. More about me

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A few more things you can do on your personal website

James wrote a list of 100(-ish) things you can do on your personal website and here are a few more!

  1. Set up a wife application. This was one of the ideas that got me to register this domain back in… checks notes 1999?! 👴 The wife application has been offline for several years now, but here is an archive. Maybe I should bring it back.
  2. Set up nerdy easter eggs. Notice how the address of this page has 2024 in it? is an archive of my posts from this year. I wonder what happens if you try to browse to the future and click a certain word on the resulting page.
  3. Share one of your favorite jokes like Bob and Nate, the tap-dancing snake — to the delight of everyone, with absolutely no groans.
  4. Set up exeggstra nerdy easter eggs. A bit of context for this one: When you load a website, it returns a status code to your browser. 404 is one most people are probably familiar with, meaning “page not found.” There are a bunch of them in the 200-500 range with various meanings. As part of an IndieWeb joke years ago, we said that status code 309 should be returned if the link ends with /8675 (combined, 867-5309 might ring a bell, but if not, don’t change your number). I took it a step further and also displayed a picture of Jenny from Forrest Gump:

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The jetty at the beach with the sun moments before it set. The sky is full of patchy clouds. A volleyball net on the beach with some palm trees behind it and the same patchy clouds in the sky. The clouds have pink highlights from reflecting the sunlight minutes after the sunset.

Sunset at Mission Beach. San Diego is alright.


Just saw a bumper sticker: “please let me merge before I cry” 😂

🎵 “Wonderwall” but make it Underoath

I started reading Community care & relationship building combats burnout in political movements. Oof, it’s hitting hard, in a good way.

Strong relationships are the molecules that make up strong communities and strong communities are free. That should be our guiding light. Interdependence. To lay the soil for collective liberation, we need to build liberating relationships today where we enact and practice the values of the world we are building. The more we depend on each other for survival, the less we depend on the state and the more ungovernable we become. This is the fight. In the process of building life-sustaining relationships, we will dismantle systems, not the other way around.

I was quite pleased to learn that a local theater has masks-required matinees! I’m planning to go see Clyde’s at the Moxie Theatre:

COVID-19 Safety Policy

First Sunday Masked Matinee: During the First Sunday Matinee performance of each show masks will be required at all times when indoors. We encourage anyone who is immunocompromised or at high health risk to attend this special performance. See CDPH mask recommendations here.

Masks Encouraged At All Other Performances: For all other performances mask are encouraged but not required. A mask can be provided upon request.

More of this, please! Support the arts and our health.

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