ryan fritzsche

met: He was a TM intern the year before me, and visited during my internship. Plus I've seen him around ORU and various places.

specialties: video, production, hollywood type stuff

misc: graciously allowing me to sleep on his couch.

web: www.tandemarts.net

gwyn dahler

met: She was a TM intern the year after me, and I'm pretty sure we met at the Chicago ATF. Stan Wolford introduced us. We chatted on and off since then, and I visited a couple times when she went to Bethel.

specialties: quesadillas, juggling, crafty things

misc: hates the term "blog", loves fif and death cab for cutie

web: xanga.com/gwyneth

patrick reid

met: TM intern (notice a trend here?) the year after me. Stayed in his room when I visited that summer.

specialties: acting, ladies man, being badass (just look at the picture!)

misc: not really a badass

web: xanga.com/trinisity

elizabeth anderson

met: Not yet. Just know her through xanga, other friends, and chatting a couple times.

specialities: sarcasm and getting down with the dc talk, d-d-down with the dc talk

misc: really is a badass

web: RIP

karla kriz

met: On El Salvador '95 trip. Didn't really get to know her until (you guessed it) the TM internship in '97. We were in the same class: the cool-weird class.

specialties: writing odd stories, snarling, working with youth

misc: she gave me the nickname "gigglemunch".

web: xanga.com/wookienugget

brian parker

met: TM alumni reunion a couple years back, when he was dating Rachel. As you can see, they have since been married. Unfortunately I don't know him well enough to know his specialities or any miscellania.

web: no blog that I know of; tsk tsk.

rachel parker

met: She was also in the '97 TM internship cool-weird class. As you can see, she's married to Brian.

specialities: Playing Mao and telling jokes/stories on long road trips.

misc: She always told me how much I reminded her of her younger brother, and even looked almost like him.

web: no blog that I know of; tsk tsk.

heidi miller

met: Not yet. Just know her through xanga and chatting. She's one of the first strangers I started reading on xanga and we've become friends since then.

specialties: sarcasm, piercings, eating an entire pack of raw hot dogs

misc: isn't she pretty? she doesn't even know it. no, we're not hooking up.

web: xanga.com/heidi_theory

shain kirby

met: Not yet. Just know him through the awesome community that is the Eisley forum. He was one of the originals on there, plus we've chatted a few times. It's a big maybe about meeting up, but hopefully we can work something out.

specialties: being a pirate, wooing women, misspelling "the"

misc: I don't think he's nearly as scary or tough as this picture makes him seem.

web: xanga.com/mach0Nach0

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