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This May will mark four years of living in Chicago. At times that feels crazy, as if I blinked and four years went by. Other times it feels about right, like when I visit Indianapolis. The city has changed a lot and while I will always love it, it does not feel like home currently. It definitely feels like I am visiting.

Soon I will blink again and be living elsewhere. This May also marks my move to Bellingham, WA to be closer to Amanda. We started talking about the move last summer. I tried to convince her to move to Chicago, but she loves her some ocean and mountains. She is definitely more in her element there than in a big city.

It is exciting, scary, bittersweet, and approaching very quickly. My lease is up at the end of April. The move will probably be the last weekend in April. Initially I was going to hire movers and drive my car out, but Jon recently volunteered to come with me. My mom and stepdad love road trips and want to come, too, so we have enough people to drive a moving truck and my car.

I have loved living in Chicago and all the opportunities it has provided. Now it is time to make a bucket list of things to see and do here before I move. Here is what I have so far, in no particular order:

I am sure I am forgetting things. Let me know your ideas and if you want to come along!

Update 1: I forgot to include the video extolling the virtues of Bellingham! “In Bellingham, the city of subdued excitement”

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