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Music Monday: Hind’s Hall

I’m glad to see protest songs continuing strong with Macklemore’s “Hind’s Hall”:

The title is a reference to a hall at Columbia that activists renamed in honor of Hind Rajab, a six-year-old Palestinian child who was killed by Israeli forces.

All proceeds from the song are going to United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Stream or buy it on your platform of choice!

The song samples the beautiful “Ana La Habibi” by Fairuz:

There’s a powerful music video for the Macklemore song as well, though YouTube is age-restricting it currently… heavy side-eye.

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Group photo. Left to right: Jeeves in a yellow cap and yellow sunglasses pointing at the camera like the cool '90s dude he was; Matt in a white polo; Luke in a yellow cap and red shirt; Katt with pinkish hair, green top, jeans, leaning on my shoulder; me in a rainbow-colored tall hat, maroon shirt, hand on my chin looking thoughtfully upwards; and a dude I do not remember in a blue shirt

Throwback to June 1998 at Creation Festival East. This is where I first met Jeeves (on the left in the yellow glasses). Katt was one of my earliest online friends and this was the first time we met in person. I wore fun hats at the time. As you can see, we were all pretty cool.

I was interning at Teen Mania Ministries at the time and in lieu of going on a mission trip that summer, Matt (in the white shirt) and I road tripped to a few music festivals to promote Acquire The Fire events. Jeeves was considering the internship and I think meeting us helped convince him. Sorry? 🤣

I also hit it off really well with Luke (in the red shirt). We ran into him at a couple of the festivals we went to. I think he was in a band named Little Flock. Unfortunately, I lost track of him in the following years.

Original photo by Jeeves


Just saw Five Iron Frenzy is playing in my backyard in August, and with Craig’s Brother! Didn’t know CB was still around. Looking forward to it.

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Happy May the 4th:

A great quote from Joe:

“Go hard at whimsy. Be goofy. It’s the way to survive.”

Joe Crawford, Notas del viernes

Want to read: A Fish Has No Word For Water: A punk homeless San Francisco memoir by Violet Blue (ISBN 9780986226694)

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