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Hello, San Diego

I made it to San Diego last weekend without too many issues. On the first day’s drive my wheels/brakes were making some grinding noises intermittently. I decided it would be a good idea to get that checked out, so I stopped in Medford, OR on the second day. It ended up being corrosion on my rear brake rotors. It wasn’t dangerous to drive on, but would wear my brakes down faster than normal. I got that fixed and the third day I made it to Santa Clara, CA to visit my long-time friends Tim and Fia. It was great to catch up, but too short, unfortunately. Finally, on the fourth day I made the boring drive down central California to San Diego. It felt good to finally be here. My driving days weren’t long, but it’s still quite tiring and less fun when you’re driving alone.

Sarah5 had picked up my apartment key for me, but they were also moving the same day I arrived and unfortunately the key got misplaced. I crashed at their place over the weekend and got a new key on Monday. The movers arrived with my stuff on Tuesday and I’ve been slowly unpacking since. The weather here is gorgeous and I’m living near a lot of good food. There’s a 24-hour Mexican restaurant across the street from me, so pardon me while I put on 20 burritos pounds.

Hello, San Diego

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