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My name is gRegor Morrill, a.k.a. gRegorLove. I live in San Diego, enjoy tinkering on the web, and try to make people laugh. Yes, “Gregor is a weird name,” and I know gRegor is a weird capitalization. More about me

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Fall leaves on the sidewalk with a bit of a green bush visible in the top right corner Sunset on the beach

1. San Diego can have little a fall, as a treat.

2. They took an hour from us but at least I can still enjoy this.


Marching band but make it techno:

Alright, Geico is frustrating me to no end. They 110% do not let you get to talk to a human on the phone and their site doesn't tell me anything about my pending auto policy. Anyone have better auto insurance recommendations for California?

Today is International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. I learned of the collective Publishers for Palestine and the Free Palestine Reading List they’ve organized, encouraging people to read books by Palestinians. This week they have more than 30 e-books available for free. Check it out!

This is a really empathetic and encouraging post urging event organizers to improve events with better Health and Safety policies: An event organizer’s duty of care: from Codes of Conduct to Health and Safety policies

Consider sharing it and the corresponding with any events you might attend. Like wrote, “Don’t let anyone convince you we can’t do better. We can, and will.”

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