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IndieWeb Summit

Hope you can make it!

@veganstraightedge made a really nice #microformats intro site with links to each of the parsers!

Watched Colossal. Bizarre, funny, and very good. Recommended.

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@gRegorLove fascinating. seems like a troll site to me. what do you think?

I hope it's satire but not sure. Some of their videos seem earnest.

@MatthewEPierce Have you done an episode on Can you, please? Please?

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@indiana_mama Hah, yep. 2005, so not even close.

“We’re going down tuuu in a luleelurah!”

priscilla page

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I wrote about Phil Alden Robinson's underappreciated thriller SNEAKERS for Birth.Movies.Death.

Love this movie! Great article.

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I'm leaning into this selfdogfooding thing and using an indieweb-compatible CMS that I made on my website. Buh-bye tried and true CMS, hello exciting DIY future! Published: May 24, 2017, 10:00 PM GMT-0400 mentions Post a response on your own site? Send me a webmention!

Welcome aboard!

♫ It’s been 7 years, but @johnreuben has a new album. Really liking it so far!

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@eea Daaaang.

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@eea I hear it's dusty down there. ;]

Thanks! <3

Ten years ago today I had my pacemaker put in. Reflecting and working on a blog post.

74 and sunny and a lovely sunset tonight

Saw Jennifer Knapp tonight. Nope, it's not 1997. She's still great.