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Khürt Williams

Khürt Williams on

gRegor, I agree with everything you wrote as it is similar to my initial experience with the IndieWeb “Getting Started on WordPress” page. Do you want to work together on fixing this?

I’m not a regular WordPress user, but willing to help however I can. There was some discussion in #indieweb-wordpress about capturing these in such a way they can be individually worked on.


Annie on

Good luck, gee-Regor!

Thanks, gee-FM!

This Matrix reboot is weird, @WeHaveToAsk

But seriously, great photo.

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire on

IWC Baltimore 2018 – Session Planning Planning

Great job! I think this worked quite well. Session-switching definitely seemed less hurried this way.

I’ve been really hitting it off with a lady in Maryland and since I happened to be in Baltimore for an event already, I decided to meet up with her. It’s definitely mutual and she’s pretty awesome. Fingers crossed!

Hello from IndieWebCamp Baltimore!


Jeena on

Fairly amazing live looping

Love it. Fantastic voice, too.

Kyle Mahan

Kyle Mahan on

After all these years, I still remember the books of the NT: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, ... Countrymen?

Followed by II Countrymen.

Fred "Fish Nun" Sprinkle

Fred "Fish Nun" Sprinkle on

But I can get Simon Bolivar too.

That’s totally Sacha Baron Cohen.


Sheryl on

Hey @gRegorLove, did you see this? Funko Kuzco...

Ha! I hadn’t. That’s awesome. #demonllama

Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth on

We have had a ton of fun today... but we really need to figure out this nyc train system. Is it a downtown train? Uptown train? I’m pretty sure I’m on the crazy train.

Alllllllll aboardddd