I did a double-take while scrolling, thinking, “what new feature is this, Twitter?”

Then I remembered that out of frustration I started adding fascists to a Twitter list titled “Fascists.” Now apparently Twitter is promoting it to me. XD

screenshot of twitter.com, a tweet from Tomi Lahren with 'Tweet from Fascists' above it

pink sky just after sunset reflected in the wet sand
Pink Sky, Pink Sand

My mental health has not been great lately. I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out and all over the emotional spectrum. On Saturday I decided go to the beach at sunset. I always find that soothing. I really liked the symmetry of the pink sky being reflected on the wet sand.

I finished watching The Good Place recently and loved it. They talk about one Buddhist conception of death being an ocean wave that crashes on the shore. The wave is gone, but the water is still there. I thought about that as I watched the waves and took some moments to breathe and be present.

Want to read: James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes by James Acaster (ISBN 9781472247186)

Loved his Netflix show Repertoire so really looking forward to this one.

selfie with my hair down to my eyes, clearly in need of a haircut

Wanted: haircut. Or emo bandmates?

Want to read: Broken (in the best possible way) by Jenny Lawson (ISBN 9781250077035)

Finished reading: A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green (ISBN 9781524743482)

Bookmarked: CSS Bed

This is a collection of classless css themes to use as starting points in web development.

Bookmarked: “We the Unhoused

“We The Unhoused is a podcast that lifts the voices and struggles of the unhoused in LA and beyond. Host Theo Henderson is currently unhoused and resides in Chinatown, Los Angeles. He tackles issues such as police brutality, harassment, policy, and the survival challenges of unhoused people. Through a series of interviews, we will discuss issues that are germane to unhoused people like the cost of living, gentrification, health struggles, harm reduction, and trauma-informed care. The revolution will be heard on this podcast. Tune in each week to be a part of it.”

Bookmarked: “Where Should We Begin?

I will try to make it to “Micropub Pop-Up Session.” I may be a bit late.

Currently reading: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates (ISBN 9780679645986)

   sonicrocketman    sonicrocketman on pine.blog:
I haven't had a haircut since January. I've been too concerned with the pandemic to get one even when shops re-opened in CA. Now it looks like I might need to wait many more months.
It's not a big deal, but it still sucks.

The other day I was hemming and hawing about whether I wanted to risk it by getting a haircut. Guess that decision is now made. It's been since March for me.

Want to read: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (ISBN 9780061120077)

Gretchen Alice Gretchen Alice on twitter.com:
What is everyone making for dinner this week?

Dinner this week? That feels like it’s a year away.

(I am bad at meal planning.)

selfie holding a sunflower over my mouth and chin

Beard is coming along nicely.

As much as I’d like to, I’m not going to any cookouts today — playing it safe due to increased Covid cases. Sarah 5 and Elliott dropped off some food and this sunflower on my doorstep, though, so that was nice.

Bookmarked: Writing Stupid Code