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@jdragz @girlvsplanet @indiana_mama Just a reminder for video hangout at 7pm tonight, or whenever you can join.

@jessecarey I ordered you 1,000 of these bad boys. Wait, what do you mean it's “sea”? @RELEVANTpodcast

@EdwardorEddie: “What industries could not be replaced by robots?”

@mikemchargue: “Professional wrestlers”

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@EdwardorEddie: “What industries could not be replaced by robots?” @mikemchargue: “Professional wrestlers”

Let's not forget Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. cc @RELEVANTpodcast

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I’m attending IndieWeb Summit 2017, too!

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I’m attending IndieWebCamp Bellingham. It’s actually happening!


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Trying to get backfeed working.


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Awesome! Welcome aboard.

Digg Reader appears to be handling <abbr> elements incorrectly, coercing them into <a> elements. For this post it’s showing a link starting with “ESL” and continuing through the next paragraph until the next actual <a>.

Looking at the HTML in Digg Reader, it’s showing:
<a target="_blank" bbr="" title="English as a Second Language">

My Atom feed is and the post in question appears there as of this writing.

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Let's do Sunday at 7pm Eastern.

Hey, Bellingham. The first newsletter for the Whatcom Refugee Support Network went out: cc @fredsprinkle

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If anyone is in the mood to roast a couch tonight, may I present whatever this is

@kateemick How many trolls lost their hair for this?

screenshot of Capital One sign-in page

Click "Sign In" then choose from one of our 15 options. Simple.

This is awesome. I was just recently thinking that linkblog posts should come back. This gives me some more motivation.

Want to watch: Travelers

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