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I finally saw Lady Bird. So good!

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There’s a cafe near me that makes an amaaazing chicken salad. And quesadillas definitely count.

tom from joyr

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So what do you do with your time?!

Netflix, Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley, slowly trying to read A Prayer for Owen Meany, and been getting out in the sun some more.

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I haven't had a lot, but I did make a pretty dang good grilled cheese the other day. You?


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WOW... but where does it go after I do this?

Archived. You'll get subsequent replies but they skip the inbox. You can search "is:muted" to find muted conversations.


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Dear Gmail, can you mute an e-mail chain?

From the message, "More" button, then "Mute"

Ron Smith

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That I am the incarnation of Thomas Aquinas except more beer and sarcasm


Hey Nic! Made any good puns lately?


Annie on

Hi friend, hi!

Hiii, geeFM!

I was reminded (thanks @girlvsplanet) that I'm “not on social media much these days.” I’m not sure why. I want to be, to stay connected, but I often feel like “what should I say?” I do still read it a lot, though.

So, uh, what should I say?

Tim Loyer

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They always remind me of spinning songs with you, @gRegorLove, @girlvsplanet and company.

Aw man, I miss Been a while since I listened to @shinytoyguns too. Listening to We Are Pilots v3 now.

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Walked 3.22km

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I’m attending “Studio Ghibli Fest 2018 - The Cat Returns


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