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♫ Mmm, analog synthpop goodness from @BT:
All Hail the Silence, “Time”

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@Megan_Love Wowzers.

And that shirt! Eye eye eye. :]

.@RELEVANTpodcast was on fire today. Well done. #Shazam #RickMoranis

@Jen_Face Hey girl, thanks for the Christmas card.

Overheard a kid at a Mexican restaurant: “Let's get messy!”

Heck yeah, kid.

✈ Heading back to Bellingham.

gRegor Morrill

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My IndieWeb Commitment is: – Finish my style guide – Add the “floating top bar” main navigation when scrolling down the page Previously

Made some good progress on the style guide, even if it’s not complete.

I also added the “floating top bar.” When you scroll past the main navigation, a bar will slide down from the top of the window and remain in place. This requires javascript.


Hello, 2017

We discovered a ginger homicide today. :(

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@eea Hahah. This was awesome.

My childhood love just collided with adulthood love. And how did I miss that #DuckTales is coming back??

♫ Scala & Kolacny Brothers, “Last Christmas”

Highly recommend their December album, too.

I guess before 2016 ends I should listen to this Hamilton soundtrack. Here we go.

Sarah Ruth

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@gRegorLove @WNYC I wish for my gRegor to be happy! ❤️️

@sarah5 You’re supposed to think it to yourself! But thanks. :) <3 I’m happy as long as there is not sand.

Dead-simple mindfulness thing I've been trying: bring someone to mind and think “I wish for them to be happy.”


First snow