RSVP interested to Author Meets BookTok: Sim Kern and Rashid Khalidi on “The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine”

I want to attend, but it’s early Pacific time so might not make it. It says it will be recorded, though, so hopefully available afterwards. Hi, yes, hello, the line “the web that screamed in horror when summoned through a land line” in the footer of your site is fantastic.

I don’t post about it often, but I maintain indiebookclub, an app to help track books you’re reading on your own website. I just set up a new feature for it, a year in review page:

Marching band but make it techno:

Alright, Geico is frustrating me to no end. They 110% do not let you get to talk to a human on the phone and their site doesn't tell me anything about my pending auto policy. Anyone have better auto insurance recommendations for California?

Today is International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. I learned of the collective Publishers for Palestine and the Free Palestine Reading List they’ve organized, encouraging people to read books by Palestinians. This week they have more than 30 e-books available for free. Check it out!

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Oh nice, I didn’t realize you had seen some of it before. How far along did you get?

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Ooh, it is delightful! Starting with the revived era (2005 series 1, Eccleston as the Doctor) is great and where I would usually recommend, but Tennant in series 2 is a huge fan favorite so you could jump in there too.

I really love the whole arc of series 1-4. Hope you enjoy it!

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“We are never, ever, ever going swimming together”

This is a really empathetic and encouraging post urging event organizers to improve events with better Health and Safety policies: An event organizer’s duty of care: from Codes of Conduct to Health and Safety policies

Consider sharing it and the corresponding with any events you might attend. Like wrote, “Don’t let anyone convince you we can’t do better. We can, and will.”

I rarely dream in my sleep (or remember them at least) but when I do, of course it’s something absolutely unhinged like I’m hanging off the side of a big boat and my feet hit Taylor Swift as she was swimming in the water. At least I apologized to her.



  • Invest in a moonshot for Long Covid – a commitment to invest at least $1B per year over the next 10 years into NIH research funding and clinical trials.
  • Back the Long COVID Support Act (S. 2560), TREAT Long COVID Act (HR 3258), and Long COVID RECOVERY NOW Act (HR 1114).

Fix: Adobe Digital Editions Not Recognizing the Nook

This might only help two people out there, but I was one of them, so hey.

I ran into an issue where Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software was not recognizing my Nook Glowlight 4 ebook reader. I’ve previously transferred several library ebooks using ADE, but this time I started getting the error “Loan token update failed” when I tried to open the book. I searched that error message and found this Overdrive help page.

That page explains how to reset the ADE authorization on the Nook by connecting with USB, deleting the Nook folder .adobe-digital-editions, then trying ADE again. The instructions seem to imply ADE will then automatically find the device and authorize it again. I was nervous so I backed up the folder before deleting it. Unfortunately, ADE stopped seeing the device entirely.

I tried several things including restoring that Nook folder and the two files in it (activation.xml, device.xml), rebooting the Nook, re-authorizing ADE on my computer, etc.

Finally, I was poking around the Nook settings and found it has its own section to enter your Adobe ID and password. I had forgotten about this, but it started to make sense: entering those probably creates the signed files in the .adobe-digital-editions folder. Then ADE uses that to recognize the device since both have the same Adobe ID.

So my recommended steps for the Nook Glowlight 4 would be:

  1. In ADE, go to Help > Authorization Information. The authorization window should pop up and show what Adobe ID you used to authorize the computer. If the option is grayed out, you’ll need to authorize the computer first.
  2. On the Nook, go to Settings > My Account > Adobe DRM Settings
  3. Make sure that the same Adobe ID from ADE is listed under Authorized Adobe IDs. If it isn’t, tap Add Adobe ID and enter the Adobe ID and password.
  4. Re-open ADE and it should display the Nook in the device list now

If ADE still does not recognize the device or if the Adobe ID already appears in the list in step 3, only then would I recommend trying Overdrive’s instructions to delete the folder (“Reset the ADE folder on your NOOK”). After deleting that folder, try my steps again to add back the Adobe ID.

Again, this is specific to the Nook Glowlight 4, but it might work with other versions. Note that transferring ebooks to the Nook Glowlight Plus has different directions. I don’t have any experience with that device, though.

Currently reading: The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin (ISBN 9780316229302)

Fall leaves on the sidewalk with a bit of a green bush visible in the top right corner
Sunset on the beach

1. San Diego can have little a fall, as a treat.

2. They took an hour from us but at least I can still enjoy this.

★★★☆☆ Live Wire by Harlan Coben

The plot was kind of average and the reveal at the end seemed far-fetched, but overall an enjoyable read. I picked this one up from a neighborhood Little Free Library because I had read one of Coben’s other books and enjoyed it. I didn’t realize it was part of a series, but it worked alright as a standalone read.