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Adam Rackis

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Yesterday I was glowing after having discovered CSS's Flexbox. Today I found an even nicer gem, for managing the cascade: !important Tack that bitch onto any style and shit "just works" ?

::after { content: "delete this" !important; }

Jeremiah Ragsdale

Jeremiah Ragsdale on

OMG This thread is amazing.

Well, half of the tweets are.

I don't understand the concept of "entirely too much bread."

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There's also which is more broad, topically.

I’m attendingVirtual Homebrew Website Club” on

Want to watch: At the End of the Day

Sheryl ???

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I am upset that I still have not found my Apple Mouse in all my unpacking endeavors. Where is it?? ?

Try luring it out with some Apple Cheese.

I’m attending IndieWeb Summit 2019!

Want to read: This: Becoming Free by Michael Gungor (ISBN 9781944903619)

Achievement unlocked: day trip to Mexico. Had some good fish, shrimp, and lobster in Puerto Nuevo. And a shot of some good tequila courtesy of Hector the Connector

David Millar -

David Millar - on Why does gRegor hate my birthday? ?

Ha! I only said that because it's no longer National Doughnut Day. But now that I know it's your birthday, it's not so bad.

@Hungry4Media @LovelyAnomaly @Rachelskirts @nicktabick Spaaaaaace

Tyler Further Faster

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desiring god’s review of Captain Marvel is about what you’d expect.

Sounds more like a review of toxic masculinity.

@jgmac1106 Who was it you wanted to connect me with about a possible IndieWebCamp San Diego?

I’ve been on a kick of rediscovering music I haven’t listened to in quite a while. Currently, Freezepop, “Less Talk More Rokk” cc @jdragz

Want to read: All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries) by Martha Wells (ISBN 9780765397539)

Hey folx, if you are interested in working on your personal website or getting one set up for the first time, you should join us for IndieWebCamp Online, March 8–10! It's free and a great community that I'm proud to be part of:

Currently reading: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green (ISBN 9781524743451)


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