Currently reading: Lovestar by Andri Snær Magnason (ISBN 9781609804268)

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I was thinking only instances that someone had followed me from would have the local cache of my profile. Is it also on instances I have followed someone on? If so, I think followers-only seems like a good start.

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Support profile updates

It would be nice if BF could send profile update activities when h-card bio, photo, and link(s) change. I recently changed the h-card on my homepage and instances aware of me prior to that still have my old photo. You mentioned in chat that BF would need to poll for updates. I also wonder if an on-demand option could work via a webmention trigger? I have not thought through this in-depth, but maybe microformats like:

<a href="" class="u-edit-of">updated profile</a>

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Latest stable release?

I have been using the latest release via Composer (2.1.0) in some projects pretty smoothly (thanks!), but I noticed there are newer branches 3.x and 4.x here. What is the latest stable branch and will there be a new Composer release for it? Presuming those branches are stable, is there documentation for migrating from 2.x?

★★★★★ Stories of Your Life and Others

Mike McHargue recommended this book on his podcast years ago and I didn’t realize until I checked it out that the title short story was adapted into the film Arrival, which is one of my favorites. Based on that, I had high hopes of it being a good collection and it did not disappoint. Highly recommended — both the film and this collection.

Finished reading: Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang (ISBN 9781931520898)

I updated my homepage to show the latest photo post:

Silversun Pickups on stage with purpley-blue lighting
Silversun Pickups on stage with blue lighting
Silversun Pickups on stage with red lighting

There was some strong bisexual lighting at the Silversun Pickups concert last fall.

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OMG, the cuteness! *boop*

Hey, San Diego! We All We Got is doing another grocery distribution this Saturday, January 14th 12:30pm until supplies run out. Location: Azalea Park (corner of Poplar & Violet).

No proof of income or ID is necessary to receive food. Solidarity, not charity.

Sign up to volunteer:

Aha, I see our clients decided to go easy the first week in January and send allll their requests this week, wee!

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Fartstock: the worst music festival ever.

And sorry about the wrist pain. :/

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to me sooner, but I had a pretty vivid dream that I tested positive for COVID. I was so frustrated about it in the dream because I had been really careful about masking in public, but hardly anyone else was. Sounds familiar. It was such a relief when I woke up.

I’m probably attending Homebrew Website Club - Pacific tonight at 6PM Pacific.

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I have a friend who is big into the gift economy and it is interesting. I have not read Sacred Economics, though he has recommended it. This is not related to that book, but unfortunately I did get turned off on the author recently when I read some of his COVID minimizing and citing people who have spread misinformation. :/ The book may still be great, though!

Want to read: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin (ISBN 9780593321201)

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Chumbawamba beyond “Tubthumping” so I’m giving the rest of the album a listen. It’s pretty good and I dig the social commentary. I will need to dig into their older anarcho-punk stuff.

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Technically it is day 9 of 12 for Christmas, so I say send 'em!

And of course with puns. XD