Goodness, this rain. Hopefully I don’t float away.

It doesn’t take much rain to say this in San Diego, but we’ve had quite a bit yesterday and today.

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What brings you to town? I just got back from a chilly night walk on that beach!

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Yeah, I’ve been trying to get back into that more this last month. It’s fun and I’ve missed it!

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Oh no! I hope recovery is quick and no long-term issues.


“The goal of this series is not to present music as disposable background noise to be mostly ignored or tuned out, but the complete opposite — the goal is to present music that can engulf the listener, carefully selected works that can be fully appreciated (perhaps even enhanced) despite sometimes only having peripheral attention paid to them.”

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This is awesome, thanks!

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I think the easiest way would be to create a separate HTML page for the updates and add microformats for note posts. Then plug that URL in to Granary ( and convert it to RSS. Granary will give you an RSS URL that people can subscribe to in a reader. That way you don't have to mess with RSS and XML, which can be messy. I do this for the feed of my notes: redirects to the Granary magic and voila!

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It is possible, but depends on what software is creating the RSS feed file. I think the “guid” element is the main part of an RSS entry that readers check to determine “is this a new post?” So, theoretically, if the software creating the RSS feed updated the guid and the published date, the content of that entry would show up again in a reader as if it were a new post. Depending on the software, it might be easier to keep a separate RSS feed where each entry is a short text and link to the resources page: “Resources page updated: [link]”

Looking forward to Homebrew Website Club tonight. Join us at 6pm Pacific if you’re interested in talking about personal websites and the independent web!

Ack I missed the Lucius concert! I had it on my calendar and everything, but my brain thought it was tonight, not December 1. Blast.

Anyway, currently listening to Second Nature.

I’m attending Homebrew Website Club - Pacific December 7, 2022 at 6PM Pacific.

Well that was a fun first: I gave a quick demo of a project for a client’s board meeting of about 75 people this morning. Thankfully via Zoom! I still had the same nerves, but I think I did well at speaking slowly. No questions during Q&A, so hopefully that’s good?

Debugging: Testing if federation to Mastodon will include the details/summary HTML elements

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Near-term Plans for My Twitter

On the IndieWeb chat, Chris Aldrich prompted a discussion about people migrating away from Twitter. I started to reply, but I realized it would be better to post a note here — partly as a nudge to myself and partly to get back in the habit of writing.

I have a moral objection to the way Elon Musk is running Twitter. This post won’t go into all those details, but the short version is that he is allowing racists, antisemites, and outright Nazis back on the platform under the guise of “free speech.” See also: this succinct note by Ben Werdmuller.

In late 2019, I was pushing myself to get off of Facebook. It was important for me to keep in contact with people from there, so I started setting up a newsletter. I intended to post a farewell notice and let people subscribe to stay in touch. That stalled due to the pandemic, though thankfully I have been successful at not posting on Facebook! With the recent Twitter events, I’m spurred to get this done and quickly.

My near-term plan is to finish up the newsletter subscription system, publish a How to Follow Me page with details of the newsletter, my feeds, and even Mastodon to follow along. Then I will write an announcement post on Twitter and pin it. I will probably change my display name to “Find me at” In the following months, I may make my Twitter account private.

I have my Twitter export and intend to archive them all on my site and delete them from Twitter, but that is a longer-term project. Eventually my Twitter profile will just be a pointer to my site.

If you are already on Mastodon and want to follow me now, visit and enter your Mastodon username.

is indiewebing: I was just reminded how in the early days of Twitter to Facebook cross-posting, it prefixed your Facebook status with “is twittering:”

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Yay excited Jonah Hill

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animated image of Mandy Moore in the movie 'Saved' throwing a Bible at her friend while yelling 'I am filled with Christ's love!'

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No instance, that’s the best part! I’m using Bridgy Fed which lets me federate select posts by adding a link to and sending a webmention. Check out the notes page on my site for the original posts. It even backfeeds responses via webmention.

I’m not sure Bridgy Fed supports regular at-mentions yet, but it should support replies like this, notes, articles, likes, and reposts.