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When Trump talked about stopping testing to stop cases going up in April 2020 he was laughed at. But now Biden is doing þe same and it's "smart to move on from the pandemic".

Goodness, I loathe working through software with a committee. Sure, we locked in the lengthy list of prompts and the layout months ago, but let’s make some last minute changes.

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Some wins today:

I made myself go out when I really wasn’t feeling like it. I got brunch by myself on the patio at The Mission.

While out, I decided to get my car washed. I also replaced the wipers and got my oil topped off.

Small things, but it feels good. Felt good to get some sunshine, too.

Feeling pretty hopeless today. Some days I feel pretty confident all the best days in life are behind me.

COVID transmission is still high around the US and we need masks to protect our most vulnerable in healthcare settings. Help us protect those who need it most by telling your governor to #KeepMasksInHealthcare:

Learn More and Send a letter: Keep Masks in Healthcare

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Welcome back! It is a good feeling.

“It depends when the anarchist convention is”

Me: “Isn’t the anarchist convention whenever you want it to be?”

US: please take a moment to tell our elected representatives to maintain healthcare coverage. We need robust public health infrastructure.

From The People’s CDC (PCDC):

“Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we need you to treat the pandemic like the ongoing public health emergency it is. We need you to embrace a comprehensive approach to public health based on layers of protection and public policies aimed at protecting the most vulnerable people among us.”

Sign the petition

The People’s CDC (PCDC) has a new weekly COVID Weather Report out.

“Transmission levels remain high, with 92.82 percent of the population living in areas with substantial or higher transmission. Rates are particularly high in the South, part of the Midwest, and the East Coast, with lower levels in the West.”

In the US, at least 3,756 people died of COVID last week. Those numbers are likely an *undercount* and this is while the government is framing the pandemic as “over.” Personally, I refuse to accept this level of sickness and death as our “new normal.”

I don’t think PCDC is on Mastodon yet, but I definitely recommend following them for good summaries of COVID information: Please wear a well-fitted respirator indoors and stay safe out there.

So I’m editing the indieweb wiki and suddenly I lost the game. Good job, Ben. Nowhere is safe!

An odd thing to me about the San Diego library is how frequently you have to renew the card — every two years, I think. I mostly check out e-books and since they use third-party apps, the apps apparently don’t check if your card is still active. I only found out my card expired when I logged in to look up a print book.

My friend Laurie is looking for new work. She has experience as a field interviewer, illustrator, writing consultant, and personal assistant. Looking in Indiana or for remote work.

Please help boost or get in touch with her on LinkedIn if you know of anything!

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He was probably sad because the gas station was out of honeybuns.

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That Reddit guy’s song would probably actually work for R2.

If you’re not already familiar with the context... I’m sorry. XD

My oven is fixed now which means I can make cinnamon rolls tomorrow! From the tube, not homemade, but still — cinnamon rolls!

There’s going to be a Tron 3 with Jared Leto. It’s Tronin’ time!

#NotExcited #UnlessDaftPunkDoesTheSoundtrackAgain