holding the book 'And Introducing' by Jez Burrows

“The new phonebook’s here, the new phonebook’s here!” Lovely work, @jezburrows.

This is an annual reminder that Scala & Kolacny Brothers’ album December is so good.

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I really miss having an RSS feed reader. I miss the days when that's how I would aggregate all my content.

Maybe it's time to redownload NetNewsWire.

Check out @aaronpk's post about readers: https://aaronparecki.com/2018/04/20/46/indieweb-reader-my-new-home-on-the-internet

I've been using Monocle and really enjoying it! More on https://indieweb.org/reader

cc @Edw1nS1984

Following up on EasieRSVP: I updated my event pages so Twitter replies that start with “rsvp yes” or “rsvp no” will show as RSVPs. I also standardized them with emoji and “Attending” or “Not attending”. You can see it in action on this week’s HWC SD event page! Charlotte’s RSVP and mine are indie RSVPs; the other two are Twitter RSVPs. Charlotte’s is currently showing as unknown because the microformats aren’t quite right on their post.

I'm making progress on IndieAuth for ProcessWire and currently thinking about access token expiration. I am thinking about including a setting for token expiration time so people can set that (default: two weeks).

Occasionally you may want to give an app non-expiring access, though. Below is a screenshot of the interface I've been working on for that. It's definitely an alpha version, but any feedback would be appreciated, especially on user-friendliness.

screenshot of authorization form

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So we immediately ban all fossil fuel and then what? I don’t understand the argument. We need to replace hundreds of millions of cars, changes out logistics and power systems and delivery systems overnight?

Bernie also doesn’t support an immediate ban.

The question in this video is mainly fracking, though, which others have called for a ban on.

I wasn't very clear with that parenthetical and probably should have left it off. I don't like what I've learned about his policies so far. I'm not arguing to ban all fossil fuel.

What is up with Biden's hands on the shoulders like that? Still being a creepy guy, I guess (not to mention bad policies).



New haircut, old head

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What is only fans? Is it good?

Like Patreon but you take off your clothes so I think Liturgists fans are IN.

We’re a week out from the first Homebrew Website Club San Diego!

Join us December 11 6pm @ Subterranean Coffee. Details: https://gregorlove.com/2019/12/homebrew-website-club/

If you’re coming, please reply to this with “rsvp yes” or “rsvp maybe”

Peloton is that supplement that helps you sleep, right?

“I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!”


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Totally fair. I do realize I am privileged to not be as dependent on it as some people. And trust me, I've thought about doing it for y-e-a-r-s but kept getting sucked back in, haha. Part of my thought process in October was: I would rather be spending my usual FB time time making stuff that might help others get off FB too.

I’m attending (remote) IndieWebCamp SF 2020!

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It's not on Netflix or Prime unfortunately, but I highly recommend Nativity!. Worth a rent if you find it in Redbox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_lLpFYdKj8

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I’m good at a lot of fun stuff. Making gingerbread houses is not something I’m good at. Also ... apparently taking clear pictures of gingerbread houses. I give up.