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Payment of $5.00 made to gRegor MorrillPaying back half of what I owe you.

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Payment of $10 made to Malcolm Blaney


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I’m attending IndieWeb Summit 2018!

I have attempted to submit this Feedly feedback on their Uservoice forum. In the past I have had issues with the feedback not appearing, so I am making a copy here. The syndication link below is the URL they provided, but is not publicly visible currently.

When I send a WebSub notification (previously known as PubSubHubbub) for my Atom feed, the whitespace around links appears collapsed, so linked words run up against words around them. The feed is You can see this in Feedly with recent posts in my feed.

For this post, though ( I neglected to send a WebSub publish notification, so it appears Feedly did a regular poll of the feed and handled the whitespace correctly. It appears it's only for WebSub publish notifications that Feedly collapses the whitespace like this.

I finally saw Lady Bird. So good!

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There’s a cafe near me that makes an amaaazing chicken salad. And quesadillas definitely count.

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So what do you do with your time?!

Netflix, Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley, slowly trying to read A Prayer for Owen Meany, and been getting out in the sun some more.

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I haven't had a lot, but I did make a pretty dang good grilled cheese the other day. You?


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WOW... but where does it go after I do this?

Archived. You'll get subsequent replies but they skip the inbox. You can search "is:muted" to find muted conversations.


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Dear Gmail, can you mute an e-mail chain?

From the message, "More" button, then "Mute"

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That I am the incarnation of Thomas Aquinas except more beer and sarcasm


Hey Nic! Made any good puns lately?


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Hi friend, hi!

Hiii, geeFM!


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