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.@nprgreene On @UpFirst, “mostly uneventful” is a weird descriptor for the Portland police seriously wounding by shooting grenades into the anti-racist crowd. They would have killed a person if not for their helmet.

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@gRegorLove, you know when you share a link on Twitter and it shows a photo and turns that into a link to the original post. I want my blog post links to do that. How? Can you help?

Those are called Twitter Cards. I don't have a specific WordPress plugin recommendation to add that; there are probably several. Twitter has a Card validator so you can confirm if the plugin's working:

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Bug: My Profile link in footer directs to incorrect URL

This should be fixed now. Can you try logging in again and let me know?



Come join us tonight for our first Homebrew Website Club! We will be in Bizzell Rm. LL2111 until 7:30.

Awesome! How did this event go? If this is a recurring event, I’d like to include it in our list of events at Also, is there an organizer we can list?

Want to read: The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen: Opening Your Eyes to Wonder by Lisa Gungor (ISBN 9780310350439)

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oops missed this! I'm near Burbank, Anaheim is no problem to get to from here.

Cool! Any recommendations? I’m an omnivore and don’t mind vegetarian/vegan.


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Ohhhh, is this for people who are still making standalone websites? I like the sound of that…

It’s for everybody. :] But yes, webmentions were developed in the indieweb community and a lot of our personal sites support it so we can interact between our sites.


?RavenWorks? on wait, this has been a thing for over a year and a half?? how do I miss out on all these things for so long

I’m biased, but the indieweb chat is a good place to keep up with things people are doing on their personal sites and get inspired!

@nicopolitan Whereabouts are you in LA? I’m going to a concert at Anaheim House of Blues this Saturday. If you’re not too far away, maybe we could grab a bite beforehand.

I was reminded of ICQ today and tried logging in. I remembered my ID and the password I used from the late ’90s. Good jorb, brain.

4611084 if anyone wants to say hi.

[god creating mushrooms]

god: some go on pizzas
angel: you ok buddy?

@thetwilightsown Hey Mark, I just got an email confirmation about the album shipping (awesome!) but unfortunately my address has changed. I replied to the email but wasn't sure if a human would see it. Should I email someone else?

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Recommended follows: @prisonculture @some_qualia ‏@ZoeJardiniere @HappySonship ‏@MaryNumair ‏@ExistentialEnso @MuslimIQ ‏

Oops, thought I had @contrapoints in there. Recommend her YouTube as well.

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Reminder: I am looking for more people to follow that provide quality content here on Twitter, and ESPECIALLY if they are… - women - PoC - LGBTQ+ So far I’ve gotten ZERO recommendations. Surely you know of someone.

Recommended follows: @prisonculture @some_qualia ‏@ZoeJardiniere @HappySonship ‏@MaryNumair ‏@ExistentialEnso @MuslimIQ ‏

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Mmm, I miss Bdubs. And you.

Want to read: Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan (ISBN 9780316187749)


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