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Turned out @srushe's talk at #nidevconf18 on the IndieWeb was totally worth skipping lunch for !! I'm definitely going to have a play with it.

Nice! Are there slides/video online?

@MoviePass The opt-out link in your email about privacy policy updates today gives a “page not found” error.

Want to read: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown (ISBN 9781592408412)

Now that indiebookclub is launched, I am cleaning up some things and wanted to make some notes.

My previous work on the fork of Quill is no longer under development. I’ve put a message to that effect on, turned off the login, and cleared out the micropub information in the database. Eventually I will redirect that URL.

The microformats for read posts has evolved since I started that project and the micropub syntax has changed as well. In particular, previously I was building the full HTML for the post in the content property. At the time this was a “fallback” since my own micropub endpoint didn’t know how to process the root h-cite. I didn’t fully understand that the micropub client should not be constructing HTML. Instead the summary property should be used for fallback.

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Thanks for trying it out, Kim! The micropub syntax for read posts is still pretty new so I don’t think understands how to process them currently. I will check into it further and touch base with Manton to see if we can get it working. You can always find your posts on your indiebookclub profile page as well:

Currently reading: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving (ISBN 9780062204103)

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Sounds good! I sent up the Batsignal to try to get Isha’s attention.


Sheryl on

That's actually the one timeframe that DOESN'T work for me that day. I work part-time 12:30-3:30.

Friday evening or Saturday evening? Most times will work for me since I'm 3 hours behind.

gRegor Morrill

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Announcing indiebookclub

I forgot to mention that this was my first time trying out CSS Grid instead of Bootstrap. The layout is basic and does not require much grid usage, but I really like it so far! I still need to add some flexbox fallbacks.


Sheryl on

Weekends depend on what I have going on. Like so far this weekend and next weekend are pretty free. The weekend after that I'm in Seattle.

Weekends are good for me too. Next weekend sounds good.

@girlvsplanet @jdragz @indiana_mama I miss your faces. We should schedule another video call sometime (no podcast this time, haha). When is good for y’all?

Want to read: Bitten By a Camel by Kent Dobson (ISBN 9781506417745)

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Thanks for sharing We have the IndieWeb Summit coming up June 26-27 in Portland if you'd like to join!

DIY Midwest

DIY Midwest on

I just don’t like corporate sponsors of any kind for an indie establishment of any kind, it instantly ruins it for me

I have been to quite a few IndieWeb events and I’ve not witnessed any corporate direction or intervention. It’s a legit BarCamp-style event. Check out the community principles, which I think you’ll find agreeable:

Tyler Huckabee

Tyler Huckabee on

I’m ... ⚪️ single ⚪️ taken

Your place in this world? Maybe you should go west, young man.


keith•j•grant on

That’s what I have (on desktop, anyway)

Nice! I'm still using Twipster but it hasn’t been updated in ages. I should try updating it.


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