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gRegor Morrill

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My #newwwyear resolution for 1) Starting today 2) I’m going to work on an improved, wider layout for photo posts and photo gallery pages 3) Before 2017-01-07 Props to @jensimmons for the motivation!

Some thoughts on my #newwwyear resolution:

Use the wide container class I already have to make the content area maximum 960px wide. (e.g. the top of my style guide)

Apply the same wide container to the header. Put logo in left 3-4 columns and navigation links in the remaining columns. Trim down the whitespace between the header and content (but not too much; let things breathe).

For resolutions < 960px wide, let photos be full-bleed. Text posts should still have some padding on the edges for readability, though.

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich on

Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on December 27, 2017

I’m attending “Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on December 27, 2017”

In reply to a post on

No worries whatever the mood. I wasn’t feeling very cheerful myself, heh.

Lowry Garuhtahz

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@gRegorLove @okcupid They emailed me first. And I think I got to pick exactly what shows (first name only)

It’s still dangerous and enables stalking. It should only be an option.

They will likely crack down on “fake” names, too. I saw someone report they were suspended briefly for setting their username as their first name.

Here’s the latest version of my quick-reply bookmarklet. It lets me reply to any URL now, not just tweet URLs.

Copy and paste the below as a bookmark, changing to your desired endpoint.

Happy Christmas Eve from the Pacific

The Gretch Who Stole Christmas

The Gretch Who Stole Christmas on

Bet your Christmas church didn’t have two separate French Horn solos. (They were really quite good.)

That’s rad. Ours didn’t, buuut after we lit our candles for the end of last night’s service, we followed the choir out onto the sidewalk to sing the final songs outside. Cool new experience for me.

Merry Christmas!

The Gretch Who Stole Christmas

The Gretch Who Stole Christmas on

All church should be one hour church.

How Millennials Are Killing Longer Church Services

Check out this totally real, definitely-won’t-skew-results poll:

Answer it with “Other” and explain how they’re nitwits for question phrasing and different answer sets. You can use a bogus email like

@indiana_mama I got you as an owl in #StarbucksForLife


RELEVANT Podcast on

This week, author, podcaster and speaker @anniefdowns co-hosts the show, Bryan & Katie Torwalt join us to rank the…

Amaaaaazing episode. We need to make this @carmantv and @ChandlerStrang series a reality. And make @anniefdowns a regular!

John Morrison hates Nazis

John Morrison hates Nazis on

This comic is great. I don’t 100% agree with @melissamcewen here but I DO think Star Wars could benefit from a more…

Kartik Prabhu

Kartik Prabhu on

Do I support photo replies?


Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich on

Ha gRegor! Very funny! Oddly my install doesn't know how to process wementions to that particular (pseudo or archive) URL, so I didn't get the webmention somehow (or it's hiding really well). Perhaps better to have used a homepage wm instead? I only saw this ultimately as the result of your wiki edit. I still laughed out loud though.


I was initially going to send it to just but I was looking at the parsed microformats of your poke and saw your author h-card listed that URL.

I was mid-conversation with someone yesterday when I noticed their profile name changed to a first name.

This is a dangerous thing to spring on your users without warning them first, @okcupid.

Eddie Kaufholz

Eddie Kaufholz on

I just finished recording probably my favorite @RELEVANTpodcast of 2017 (and maybe ever). I’m not going to give awa…

Yes, Candy Talk is back!