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Well darn, apparently I totally missed out on the flash-sideways! #LOST

Only a minute into this Scandroid album and I'm in love.

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It's my 16yr anniversary of being hit by a van, surviving 3 days in ICU, & living to see the day where I could consistently make bad jokes.

@Jen_Face Whoa. Glad you're here. Keep the bad jokes coming.

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I've been using to post replies to people. Btw is it just me or does commenting on not send a webmention?

Really weird. I just manually sent a webmention via cURL for your earlier reply and it queued successfully, then showed up once it was processed. I process asynchronously and don't moderate currently. With all the trouble you've had recently I really was starting to wonder if something was messed up on my end. Does Known have any debugging logs for webmention attempts?

Really appreciated these thoughts on the election:

I'm distraught at the Trump win. It shouldn't have happened, and America and the rest of the world is in a worse place for it. The best we can hope for now is that the resistance will be strong and swift.

I wish more people had voted for Hillary, not because she'd have been my first choice of candidate (though I'd have voted for her, were I American), but to keep Trump out of office first and then get to work on fixing the systems that allowed him to reach the prominence he did. It would've been nice to have elected a woman too, just for the principle of it.

But when I now see people *literally blaming 3rd party voters and non-voters for electing Trump*, I get squirmy. The only people who elected Trump were Trump voters. Saying that people who didn't vote for him caused his rise to power is bullying people into accepting the non-democratic premise of a 2-party system and robbing people of their democratic voice. It is literally saying "Trump is so dangerous that we need to compromise on democratic principles to ensure he doesn't get elected." Where does this slippery slope end? Would you blame people who live in red states for not moving to swing states before the election, too? To me, it makes at least as much sense to blame a Hillary voter for not doing more door-to-door and community service work for her not getting elected, than to blame a Gary Johnson-voter or Jill Stein-voter or a non-voter for Trump. "You could've done more for your candidate" is a more coherent accusation than "you should have compromised on your integrity and the integrity of the democratic system and fallen in line behind someone who's not your candidate."

Ask yourself this: if you knew that democratic principles would cause Trump to get elected, but you and you alone could pull a lever to put Hillary in his place, would you do it? If not, don't complain about people voting (or not voting) their heart. If you would, then you likely gauge a Trump presidency to be more dangerous than the hollowing out of the democratic process. That's a fair opinion to hold, but recognize and own that you hold and preach it.

And yes, the democratic process in the US is broken. It is stacked so strongly to support only two monolithic parties whose economic policies and establishment ties are very similar that it's virtually impossible to affect change by voting for anyone else. It is gerrymandered to the point that Trump won by 122% over Clinton despite losing the popular vote. Most people's votes simply do not count at all based on where in the country they live. That is an enormous problem, which Canada is affected by as well - its very system of electing those who would govern is fatally broken, so how can we treat those elected by it as legitimate governors?

Every party in Canada, save the amalgamated Conservatives (read: US Republicans) who had been in power for the previous two election cycles, treated wide-reaching electoral reform towards some form of proportional representation as a crucial topic for their campaign. The Liberal party, the party fiscally closest to the Conservatives in Canada and the counterpart to the US Democrats, were elected in a landslide. A year later, electoral reform was no longer as crucial as it once had been, and maybe we could continue making do with First-Past-The-Post for a bit longer...

America, if you want to fix your broken electoral system, you cannot put your faith in one of your two parties which benefit from it to do so. If you want to play what-ifs, consider the what-if you and your predecessors hadn't bullied and shamed people into voting for one of the two mainstream parties every election cycle, but actually allowed people to show how broken it is, allowed people to lose faith in its ability to represent them, allowed the political crises and the lack of mandate to incite electoral reform. That way, when Hillary won the popular vote in 2016, she'd maybe have also won the presidency.

If we're going to play the blame-game, I'm going to blame Trump voters. If you're going to blame non-Trump-voters, I am additionally going to blame you, for being complicit in the perpetuation of the corrupt and broken 2-party First-Past-The-Post electoral system that ended up electing Trump.

Mikael Andersson on Facebook

Saw Trump protesters walking in downtown Bellingham. About 50-75 people with signs like "Not my president" and shouting "Fuck Trump!"

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Oy, all y'all voting 3rd party. We told you. Quit your bitching.

@niclake Nic. The quoted tweet twists what the exit poll asked. Stein voters were not going to vote for Clinton. Votes weren't "taken."

If you are pro-life, stop celebrating. There was no winner for the sanctity of life in this election but Trump was the greater loss by far.
Miriel Reneau

If you voted Trump because of "life issues," consider the message you have sent to future politicians and to your fellow citizens.
Miriel Reneau

The message is that you will tolerate absolutely any kind of hatred and violence, as long as someone is willing to say he opposes abortion.
Miriel Reneau

No one will believe you when you say we can #lovethemboth if you embraced Trump as the hope of the pro-life cause.
Miriel Reneau

And you have been played for an absolute fool if you actually expect him to deliver on any of the promises you traded your integrity for.
Miriel Reneau

And you have made the task of articulating a coherent pro-life ethic immeasurably more difficult for those of us who believe in one.
Miriel Reneau

Because the list of caveats is now encyclopedic. Yes, I'm pro-life, but I don't endorse mass deportation or torture or carpet bombing or or
Miriel Reneau

And the claim that to be pro-life is to be pro-woman has been pulverized by your "pro-life" Trump votes. I don't even know where to start.
Miriel Reneau

The election of Donald Trump as the "pro-life" candidate of the "pro-life party" is both comical and absolutely tragic.
Miriel Reneau

If you believed his claim that Roe would be overturned "automatically" if you voted for him, you betray an inexcusable ignorance of how our
Miriel Reneau

political system works. But *even if that had been true,* a vote for Trump would still not have been a pro-life vote.
Miriel Reneau

The message you have sent is that you care more about criminalizing abortion than *actually reducing the number of abortions.*
Miriel Reneau

I am so disgusted by the mainstream "pro-life movement" that I will never associate with it again. It is so wrong about the path forward.
Miriel Reneau

The way to build a culture of life is to send a credible message that *every* life is valuable. Trump is so far from that he can't SEE it.
Miriel Reneau

The unborn will never have more protection, more acknowledgment of their dignity, than the least protected born people in our society.
Miriel Reneau

Nor should they. They should have exactly the same amount: a full recognition of their inherent dignity and full protection of their lives.
Miriel Reneau

But the idea that you can somehow protect the dignity of the unborn by trading it for the dignity of refugees, noncombatants, and women?
Miriel Reneau

That idea is straight from Hell. I have never been more convinced of anything in my life.
Miriel Reneau

But I do have a right to feel these things. I did not vote for the fascist, so I did not enable this. Be angry at me if you will.

Sad & angry & feeling like in some people's eyes I don't have a right to feel that because I voted 3rd party, even in a safe state, & oof.

A pause in the election coverage for emergency bunnies:

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Hey guys guess what I just did? In American Flag sequin short shorts? #electionday #vote2016

@Scandalous Making America Look Rad Again

Please remember, a person's vote is one of the most insignificant contributions to political discourse or direction they can make.

Every single day you take actions, whether intentionally chosen or thoughtlessly routine, that have greater consequence. Stop worrying about the election, believe in each other, not politicians.

Do things that matter, do them with friends and comrades, be organized together, take care of each other, and learn strategies, get better at it over time, and eventually the spectacle and the circus will adjust to the new realities you're creating.

This influences the government more surely and effectively than trying to put a certain person or people into office. All politicians are scavengers, opportunists, crooks. It is only when we refuse to work for them that we can make them work for us.

Benjamin Michael Turk

It's that time again.

Taco Tuesday!

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It is finished! Voted.

First time voting in a state with mail/drop-off ballots. Nice to not have to wait in lines at polling stations.

It is finished! Voted.


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