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How to Move a WordPress Site from one Webhost to Another, like Dreamhost

Great article!

If someone wants to avoid using the shell, or does not have shell access, I have had good experiences using a GUI like SQLyog Community. With that you can connect directly to your current database host as well as the new one (Dreamhost). Then there is an option to “Copy Tables to Different Host/Database.” You can select all tables or a subset of them.

There is an option to “DROP if table exists in target” which you may want to use, but be careful and double-check of course. :]

This should not run into issues with database sizes. As far as I know it is using individual SQL commands to copy.

If you’re in/near Austin, you should go!

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@gRegorLove @gRegorLove This post might get some more/ desired attention on LI or Medium.Maybe a cross post there w…

Surprisingly they already responded and removed the profile.

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Facebook still needs work on the ability to report content and communities.

Well, this is pleasantly surprising. Facebook responded and removed the profile, based on my “annoying or uninteresting” report:

Thanks for taking the time to report something you feel may go against the Facebook Community Standards. We removed Sarah Huckabee PresSec’s profile from Facebook. If Sarah Huckabee PresSec’s profile is restored, the photo you reported might reappear. If this happens, please feel free to report it again.


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@rechelon What if you weren't particularly impressed with either? Force Awakens is better than Rogue One, though.

Time to change your display name. ;) R1 > TFA

Update: Facebook removed the profile.

Facebook still needs work on the ability to report content and communities.

I came across a post from a page named “Sarah Huckabee PressSec” that was a clearly fictional exchange (“joke”) that includes some debunked conspiracy theories about Obama. The username is @pressecretary (note only two “s”s) and the page has a lot of posts and photos that seem somewhat legitimate, so it is easy for a casual observer to mistake it for a verified, official page. It does not have the Facebook verified badge, though, and under the “About” button it’s listed as a community. There doesn’t seem to be any information about who created the page. The post has 57k shares and 27k comments currently. Glancing through the comments makes it clear that a lot of people think the post is factual.

I heard Facebook has the ability to report false news now, so I tried to report the post. Maybe the option is not available on Facebook pages, or only if the post includes a link, but the option didn’t appear for me. There was a category “I don’t think this should be on Facebook,” but under that there was nothing to report it as false or impersonation. I chose the closest among the available options: “this is inappropriate, annoying, or not funny.” There is no ability to add a comment to the report to clarify it further. I expect nothing will come of this, since it’s not the most accurate categorization.

Then I tried to report the page itself. “I don’t think this should be on Facebook” appears there as well, but again nothing about false information or impersonation. The only options were: threatening/violent/suicidal, hate speech, sexually explicit, and describes buying/selling drugs/guns/adult products.

I tried the category “It’s a scam” but then it gave me two things I could do: block the profile or hide posts from it. There was a “back” button and a “cancel” button, which seems to indicate nothing was being reported to Facebook; these were just options I could do to avoid seeing the profile/posts on my timeline. That seems like a pretty big failure for reporting scams.

@EdwardorEddie This is gRegor from the @RELEVANTpodcast listeners. I loved your bit “Shania Twain? [first few bars of Man! I Feel Like a Woman]” that no one on the show commented on.

@starbucks Resetting my password on mobile, it indicates it must include “one special character” but doesn't identify what special characters are.

Also, this is bad password policy. Please pass along to developers:

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I’m (remote) attending “IndieWebCamp Austin 2017”

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Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on December 13, 2017

I’m attending “Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on December 13, 2017”

Unfortunately I won't be in Indianapolis for Christmas this year (so weird to say that), so I won't be hosting the Christmas Eve brunch. Maybe Doug Webster or someone else will keep it alive, though?


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@gRegorLove Please keep tweets to 140 indie characters.


I put together a basic page that aggregates my want-to-read posts:

Next I might work on adding tags so I can create more specific lists, like a gift wishlist. I tend to add books very easily, but that doesn't mean every one is on my wishlist. #indieweb

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What Micropub app do you use to send that?

It's a modification of Quill. Once I clean it up some I'll put it on GitHub.

If you're voting in the Alabama Senate election, you must not vote for Roy Moore.

If you know anyone else that's voting in the election, please pass it along.