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I suck at IndieRSVP, so I'm going to the IndieWeb Summit in Portland twice...

Twice the #indieweb fun!

Enjoying this video on juvenoia aka the “kids these days” reaction:

@MsSwank @Skirts omg have you seen these shirts? Check the second image.

@fredsprinkle Here's a demo of some of the stuff I was talking about last night:

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They have good meals! I tried it for several weeks.


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@gRegorLove @AGoldmund @ianbremmer I'm honestly amazed tho, usually people are afraid to put "what I did to you was…

True. Apparently this and the donation are part of settlement to avoid civil suit. He still faces misdemeanor assault charge though.

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@ianbremmer I just don't think dude deserves credit for apologizing week's after the fact for body slamming someone…

No apology for his flat out *lie* about Jacobs initiating the violence, either.

Enjoyed the You Made It Weird podcast episode with @jimadkinsmusic cc @girlvsplanet

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I'll be there!

More awesome than funny: Many moons ago while typing my name really fast in an email, I mis-capitalized it as "gRegor." I thought "Huh, that looks cool. I'll keep it." and it's stuck. I even use "Little g, big R" as the tagline on my personal site.

Gretchen Alice

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The best/worst part about working at a library is being constantly overwhelmed by all of the truly amazing books out there.

This is how I feel when I'm on Goodreads.

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Are you still holding Homebrew Website Club meetups in Scranton? If so, how frequently? I wanted to update the wiki with the details; haven't seen you around #indieweb chat so figured I'd check in this way.

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Twitter for Mac’s current order of #DefendPDX toots are: 59m 2h 1h 13m I want them in order of newest to oldest please.

Works when I select "Latest" tab in the mobile app/website.