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what was the first thing you ever did on the web? i think i was ~7 and i spent a few hours entering every URL i could think of into the browser to see what was there

I remember looking up the first Mission: Impossible movie site and loving the MIDI theme it played. I also quickly discovered NetCentral web chat and went there regularly.


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On today's show, we talk with @crowdermusic about his brand new album "I Know a Ghost". The crew also discusses Lauren Daigle’s response to critics, talk about the latest "Saturday Night Live" controversy, host a very special feedback guest and a lot more!

The title of D'Souza’s film is also a reference to the white supremacist film, The Birth of a Nation

Appreciate you touching on this scoundrel. I think he’s dangerous. His ahistorical books and films serve as apologia for rising fascism.

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? An Introduction to Microformats

Thanks, Aaron. I used

Work and the state of the world are stressing me out today, but listening to Postliljonen’s dream pop is helping a bit:

♫ “We Raise Our Hearts”

Fundamentally authoritarian.

Also it's laughable for 45 to talk about "respect" and — within seconds — insult journalists.

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Thanks for the kind words!

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Whoa. What CMS are you switching to? Don’t say the “W” word.

I'm giving my first tech talk next week, “An Introduction to Microformats.” Thanks to @SDPHP for giving me the opportunity!

Regarding the proposed rule “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds”, I am writing to voice my strong opposition. Immigrants pay taxes. If they meet the eligibility threshold for public assistance, they should feel safe to use them without concern of the government dinging their record and rendering them “inadmissible.” This country claims to be a land of freedom and opportunity for anyone to come and make a better life. These proposed rules seem antithetical to that and calculated to be cruel to people who need temporary assistance.

Some people in favor of these rules try to paint a picture of immigrants coming here just to “take advantage.” However, data shows they are less likely than native-born Americans to use these services, and when they do, they consume a lower dollar value of benefits. Refer to the study Immigration and the Welfare State: Immigrant and Native Use Rates and Benefit Levels for Means-Tested Welfare and Entitlement Programs by Alex Nowrasteh and Robert Orr.

This comment is for:
Docket ID: USCIS-2010-0012
Agency: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
Parent Agency: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

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Check out a Christian quoting the Bible to Sessions, Sessions calling it an "attack," and the other supposed believers in the room booing the guy quoting the Bible.

Sessions is a United Methodist but clearly cares more about power than the words of Christ.

Recall that he cited the Bible in attempt to defend separating children from their families at the border.

Check out a Christian quoting the Bible to Sessions, Sessions calling it an "attack," and the other supposed believers in the room booing the guy quoting the Bible.

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Take a nap and stay in. Cheaper.

You’re fun, as always. ;]

Doesn’t have to cost much or anything. I was pretty proud of throwing an eye patch on my forehead last year and being Third Eye Blind.

I need Halloween costume ideas. I already considered and decided against shaving my head and going as Right Said Fred.


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On today’s show, we talk with @johnmarkcomer about his thought-provoking book “God Has a Name." Plus, a debate between Annie and Jesse (about the world’s biggest bear) gets heated, we hear another round of #AskJesse questions and a lot more!

Slice Grades for 2018-10-24

@TylerHuckabee: A+
@anniefdowns: A (keep the fat animals coming! find ones with swords for an A+)
@jessecarey: B

“Ahhhh, freak out! Le freak, c'est chic”

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Hey, internets! We’re having an #indieweb Virtual Homebrew Website Club (video hangout) October 17 at 6:30pm Pacific. Build your personal site, take control of your online identity, data, and friendships! More details:

I love this thread and the author’s replies. I don’t recall my favorite when I learned them, but 7 x 6 = 42 is a current fave.

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Ten minutes into the @RELEVANTpodcast and definitely think they need to do a full length musical podcast. @jessecarey @cameronstrang @TylerHuckabee @anniefdowns Make it happen.

Co-sign. I was thinking the next live show should be a musical.

Want to read: My Squirrel Days by Ellie Kemper (ISBN 9781501163340)


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