This is awesome. A right-wing reactionary tried to call out Derek Webb for making a song with drag queen Flamy Grant. He told Flamy on Twitter, “good for us hardly anyone listens or cares what you do.” Flamy asked fans and followers to stream the song “Good Day” to get it on Christian charts and it hit #1 on the iTunes Christian charts. It’s a great song and great album, especially if you’ve ever been made to feel out of place by the church. Check it out!

Drag Queen Flamy Grant Tops the iTunes Christian Charts”. Paste Magazine. .

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I felt similarly when I recently found out Florida governor man is just a few months older than me. Seems impossible.

Rest assured you are kinder than those doofi, though!

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You could progressively add more red threads between pins on the board between calls 😂

Bookmarked: Long COVID Is Disabling Kids. Why We Ignore It.

“Infection control guidelines are fundamentally flawed: SARS-CoV-2 is airborne. It is outrageous that three-and-a-half years into this pandemic, staff and patients are still, knowingly and repeatedly, being exposed to a level-3 biohazard — a virus known to cause brain damage and significantly increased risk of life-threatening blood complications even in those recovered,” Dr. Fearnley said.

#CovidIsntOver #WearAMask

Want to read: Readme.Txt: A Memoir by Chelsea Manning (ISBN 9780374279271)

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Cool! When and where?

My friend Laurie is looking for new work. She has experience as a field interviewer, illustrator, writing consultant, and personal assistant. Looking in Indiana or for remote work.

Please help boost or get in touch with her on LinkedIn if you know of anything! #JobHunt

Me discussing tech jobs with a friend who isn’t in tech: “Want to learn to yell at computers professionally?”

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Support for OData Int64 identifiers

I think the wrapKey function is not aware of 64-bit integers (Edm.Int64) with format [-] [0-9]+L.

I tried a query with one which generated the filter:
$filter=(ID eq '354760000354760L').

Instead, I would expect it to generate:
$filter=(ID eq 354760000354760L).

The error response from the service was:

The query specified in the URI is not valid. A binary operator with incompatible types was detected. Found operand types 'Edm.Int64' and 'Edm.String' for operator kind 'Equal'.

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Build system for odata-client-php

It appears that Travis CI builds haven't run for a couple years, I'm guessing due to their pricing changes. It would be nice to get those running again or switch to Github Actions. I think that would help catch issues like #134 before new releases.

Joey needs $400 more by the end of July for the process of becoming a US citizen. Please donate as you’re able and help boost this request — any amount helps! #SanDiego #MutualAid

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Spawning AI has an ai.txt format their API apparently follows. I haven't tried it yet, though I may need to in order to opt my domain out of their API. is a handy tool to check your domain with, too.

I have mixed feelings on yet another something.txt, but it's an option.

Help us raise the rest of the funds for Joey by coming to our bake sale! Friday, July 7 5pm-7pm @ Azalea Park in #SanDiego

If you're not able to join us, please consider donating to the GoFundMe. #MutualAid

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@sdshefest I want to echo the other comments here and add that the lack of any mention of these "strong recommendations" in the main images of this post about accessibility are troubling. SO FEW people are going to dive into these comments or the Pride site to find this info.

Without more prominent messaging, most people are going to show up not expecting to mask or take any precautions — just look around SD on any random day now for examples. Please consider making additional posts about this to set better expectations.

Someone else mentioned @peoplescdc, just tagging so that account is easier to follow.

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What's the masking policy? That's an important element of accessibility while COVID is still spreading.

Ooh, new Sigur Rós album!

I need to remember to listen to them more often, especially when I feel down. It’s so moving and relaxing.

I emailed this message to our county public health officer and my district supervisor.

Subject: Please keep our communities safer from COVID-19

To: Wilma J. Wooten, MD, MPH
Public Health Officer, San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

Cc: Chairwoman Nora Vargas
San Diego County Supervisor District 1

Dear Dr. Wooten and Chairwoman Vargas,

I am writing to express my deep concern about the spread of COVID-19 in healthcare settings due to the lack of mitigations like masking. Nobody should have to worry about getting COVID while seeking care and healthcare workers should not have to fear contracting it at work. We know that COVID is airborne, people can be infectious without showing symptoms, and two-way masking with well-fitting respirators is effective at reducing its spread.

I am at a higher risk myself due to some heart issues. I was incredibly dismayed when I went in for a routine visit to my cardiologist and saw none of the staff were masked. I am particularly concerned for our disabled and immunocompromised community members who have had to be extremely cautious during the ongoing pandemic (and before). Most places in society have become even more hostile to their existence in the rush “back to normal.” Now some of the most important places for them, healthcare settings, are no longer safe for them either.

A conservative count from the US Health and Human Services showed that over 138,000 hospital-acquired COVID infections occurred in the first three months of 2023.1 We know that COVID infection — no matter how mild — puts people at risk of an array of long-term health issues. I also consider this an equity and racial justice issue since COVID disproportionately impacts BIPOC people.

I know county guidance “strongly recommends” masking in healthcare settings, but that is clearly not sufficient. I believe universal masking in healthcare settings must become a standard part of infection control. I urge you to work towards making that a county mandate. I would also urge for programs to make high-quality respirators readily available to all, along with clearer public health messaging about their effectiveness. Together, these actions will help keep our communities safer from COVID.

Some additional resources:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Gregor Morrill
San Diego resident of District 1