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Happy birthday, @indiana_mama! 30, eh? The ishkid is officially ishadult. :] <3

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I miss you people (yes, you people) and love you! ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Ruth

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Maybe I should do a mom vlog?

Do eet! More Sarah 5 videos.

Fred Sprinkle

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What is the least helpful webpage on the internet? This one:

Talk about limiting your market. Where do I create impactful gRegor documents?

@Shopify This was being sold through your platform on violentlittle dot com. Please investigate.

“Any faith that does not listen to the victims is a callous faith.”

Rev. Floyd Thompkins, Mission Gathering sermon on

Gretchen Alice

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I pretty much spent two years and tens of thousands of dollars on my library degree just so I could make dumb book displays. #treatyoshelf #librarylife

Hashtag #worthit

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"Excuse me, brah"

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I know, I know. Just being obnoxious. You're awesome.

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Or what I call a day ending in—OW OUCH I'M SORRY!

@LeSchirmeur Hi Sebastian, I was wondering if I could get your assistance with this Cordova SaveImage issue:

Nico del Castillo

Nico del Castillo on

Does anyone know if there’s a Chrome plugin to skip the weird journal non-fiction that precedes online recipes? Like, I’m happy that this food is a part of preserving culture, but some of you are over sharing. Also I’m sorry your nana was lost to cancer, that sucks.

If they are marked up with hRecipe microformats and you're in the Apple ecosystem, Paprika can import them.

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Sigh. Cancel the surprise party plans, everyone.

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Ok. Just Vin Diesel then.

@RELEVANTpodcast @EdwardorEddie holes are real.

Sheryl ???

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So you're porn. Or Vin Diesel.

Why not both?

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