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Finished reading: Finding God in the Waves by Mike McHargue (ISBN 9781101906040)

Micropub properties for indiebookclub

Tantek and I were discussing the read-of and read-status properties and the process of standardizing them in the h-entry specification. I realized read-status may be an overly-specific property name, since the same concept might apply to listen, watch, and exercise posts. Since these are experimental properties, ideally they should be published with the x prefix: p-x-read-status. I noted this in the brainstorming for read posts.

The problem

I’m trying to decide if/how I should update the indiebookclub Micropub request to reflect this. I know of three Micropub servers processing both properties when publishing:

The WordPress Semantic Linkbacks plugin consumes the read-of property from webmentions to display a separate reading facepile.

The seemingly correct thing would be for indiebookclub to send these properties as x-read-status and x-read-of. My first reaction is: I don’t want to break the servers above (especially by changing it. My second reaction is: if I do change them now and eventually read properties get standardized, changing at that point will break servers a second time. Is it better to break things once or twice? I wonder if the “best” thing to do is leave the request as-is and only update it later, once the properties are standardized. This could have the negative effect of encouraging people to keep publishing read-status and read-of, giving the impression they’re standard.

A potential solution?

I could make different versions of the Micropub request and let users toggle them on their settings page. To prevent from breaking immediately, I could default users to the legacy version. Everyone else would default to v2. Whenever the properties are standardized, v3 would be setup and become the default.

This solution feels a bit unfriendly to Micropub server implementers, so I keep coming back to wondering if I should keep it as-is and only change when it’s standardized.

I feel a bit stuck, so I’m definitely open to suggestions. Help me, Micropub masters! :]

@planetvoss Just saw your girlfriend in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Better watch out; she’s getting friendly with Paul Rudd.

@judicialnetwork Why are you sending me spam text messages?

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Ahh, I think I forgot the response lines. Was it “exclamation point” and then “MOVE, LADY!”?

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Hi gee-Regor. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I also know that you are not alone with these feelings. I think they’re completely normal and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. Thank you for sharing how you’re feeling. I love your face.

Thanks, gee-FM. :]

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I don't even understand the reference

Michael Bishop

Michael Bishop on

You are not alone. If you ever need to chat, ?

Thank you.

Nico del Castillo

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Struggle is real, dude. I have days like that and I think it does help to put it out there, because then I get to tell you "You can do this, I believe in you." It ain't whining. We all need each other.

Thanks, friend. Part of me feels it’s a bit self-indulgent. Like, I realize I am privileged; what am I actually doing to make the world better?

I also realize that I’m not alone in these feelings and it can be good to share, so ultimately I decided to.

Feeling a mixture of futility about the state of the world, loneliness, and depression. I don't post about these feelings often but I thought I'd try.

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Alas, I do not. I use Google Music.

Just watched @Hannahgadsby’s #Nanette and I’m blown away. This is an important thing to watch. Funny, powerful, heartbreaking, challenging.

I was just told that I remind someone of Chris O'Dowd. That's a new one for me but I think I'll take it.

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Not cool, LA.

It's a chilly 96 down here in San Diego. Come on down. :]

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Ahh so glad you had fun!!!!! Can’t wait till the next one already!

Looking forward to the EP!

Saw Carah Faye’s (from Shiny Toy Guns) solo show last night. Loud and bright and awesome.


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Replied to Announcing indiebookclub by gRegor Morrill ( really enjoy indiebookclub, but I have a few questions directly in response to your post: Can indiebookclub posts be syndicated to GoodReads? Can the ISBN link to the GoodReads page for the book? As a future feature, would you consider having indiebookclub extract book information from the ISBN (through Amazon or GoodReads), such as book title, author and book cover image?

Thanks, Serena. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

I don’t currently have plans to link the posts that appear on indiebookclub to a third-party service like Amazon or GoodReads. However, since the ISBN is sent in the micropub request to your site, plugin/theme developers could use that information to link the posts on their site to a third-party service.

I have made some improvements during the IndieWeb Summit which I will write more about soon. It’s now easier to make bookmarklets to pre-populate the new post form. This should allow developers to create few-click options for adding books without typing anything. It also makes it easier if you see someone else’s read post and want to quickly add it to your list.


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