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#xoxofest met and exceeded my high expectations. The community is such a great group of creative, friendly, supportive people. And I left with only one new domain:

I think it's a good sign when walking into the XOXO venue they're playing one of my favorite bands, @MUTEMATH.

It's also been a great day around Portland and meeting people. Y'all are so friendly and cool!

Matt Lee

Matt Lee on

@gRegorLove apparently I had you blocked. Apologies!

No worries! I felt weird bringing it up so wasn't going to. Guess @t did. :)

Bekah “Infinity” Stone

Bekah “Infinity” Stone on

I’m alive to upset Calvinist boys

One could say you were predestined to.

Want to read: White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo (ISBN 9780807047415)

♫ It feels good to be a gangsta

@ Hungry Horse Dam, Montana

Currently reading: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (ISBN 9780553459388)

Throwback to 2014 when I met and pet a reindeer on a leash in Seward, Alaska.

Ooh, that’s quite a deal, United!

Want to read: How to Survive a Shipwreck: Help Is on the Way and Love Is Already Here by Jonathan Martin (ISBN 9780310347972)

I saw Beach House this past Sunday with Sarah Walker. They performed entirely in silhouette with some gorgeous lighting.

Twitter officially welcomes bigotry now.

“We welcome everyone to express themselves on our service. Sometimes these expressions may be offensive, controversial, and/or bigoted. We prohibit targeted behavior that harasses, threatens, or uses fear to silence others and take action when they violate our policies.”

@TwitterSafety's tweet

I think I’m done letting them have my content and my clicks. I have feeds on my homepage for articles and one on my notes page that you can subscribe to in a feed reader. I am thinking about setting up an email newsletter if people want to subscribe and keep up with my posts that way. More details to come.

Here, I built a tool:

DELETE FROM `users` WHERE `username` = 'RealAlexJones'

@Jennifer Stavros

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Aww but that's pretty swell too. @gRegorLove

Glad you got it. I thought it might have been lost amid your plethora of mail. :]

Loved loved this episode of @TheLiturgists with @LisaGungor!

Looking forward to reading her book.

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill on

We fundamentally disagree about social media being “the internet.”

Hah. This guy replied (then immediately blocked me):

We are only talking about social media, and we fundamentally agree that that usage was literal. But thanks for showing you can't back up anything you said and provide alternate social media, or any news media forum, to match those

Burton Fisher's tweet

So Glenn’s usage wasn’t literal at first, then it was literal. Also, those were their goal posts, not mine. They wanted me to back up things I didn’t say.

Their initial reply didn’t seem to have that much animosity, so I presumed good faith. I guess this is another lesson in determining when something is worth replying to or not.

Burton Fisher

Burton Fisher on

Your disagreeing is irrelevant, and you're wrong about monopolies, too, as they make up over 95% of the world's social media. So, it's naïve to think he will have near the same voice, he was just trying to be social, or that Glenn was being literal when he said "vaporized". SMH

We fundamentally disagree about social media being “the internet.” I didn’t say he will have the same voice or was just trying to be social. I was responding to your context of the subset “social platforms.” I don’t think anyone is guaranteed an audience (or the same audience size), especially when relying on other people’s “free” services.

To be clear, I take issue with companies consulting the government about removing content. I’m also no fan of Facebook, which is one reason I promote the indieweb. In the context of the actual internet, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say “vaporizing” was a bit hyperbolic. I guess you disagree based on the SMH. Not that your disagreement is relevant. ;]

Burton Fisher

Burton Fisher on

Facebook and Twitter are absolutely the internet when it comes to social platforms, so those sites creating monopolies assisted by the government do shut down peoples voices when they kick them off. To think otherwise is willful naivete

I disagree and find this hyperbolic, especially about “monopoly.” There are many alternatives to being social online. It’s naive to think AJ is now “vaporized from the internet.”

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald on

Good @mtaibbi article on the dangers of Silicon Valley giants being able to unite to vaporize people from the internet, and the irrationality of cheering for it simply because you happen to hate their first target

Facebook is not “the internet.”

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill on

.@nprgreene On @UpFirst, “mostly uneventful” is a weird descriptor for the Portland police seriously wounding by shooting grenades into the anti-racist crowd. They would have killed a person if not for their helmet. @rachelnpr @nprinskeep @noelking


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