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I am glad you’re here! <3

This is awesome. Twitter, please bring back the chronological timeline.



@gRegorLove as a reminder, CATS ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD.

Cats are friendly food. Got it. ;]

I’m attendingBest F(r)iends Part 2 starring Tommy and Greg from The Room!” on

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I'll leave this thread here with these thoughts from when I worked with other people like me to bring refugees to (relative) safety in Lesvos in the new year of 2016. Peace.

Thanks for this thread. Following!

Loving the real talk in this episode. Lots of laughs, too (as usual) but the hosts get into some personal emotional stuff. Thanks @cameronstrang @anniefdowns @andrehenry



When did quotes ,,like this'' become a thing as opposed to "like this" because I'm seeing it all over the place lately and it's driving me up the wall because it just looks really stupid.

Germany and several other countries do it that way. Following a lot of Germans? :] I agree it looks weird. I haven't noticed it being used more, though.

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I’m attending IndieWeb Summit 2018!

I have attempted to submit this Feedly feedback on their Uservoice forum. In the past I have had issues with the feedback not appearing, so I am making a copy here. The syndication link below is the URL they provided, but is not publicly visible currently.

When I send a WebSub notification (previously known as PubSubHubbub) for my Atom feed, the whitespace around links appears collapsed, so linked words run up against words around them. The feed is You can see this in Feedly with recent posts in my feed.

For this post, though ( I neglected to send a WebSub publish notification, so it appears Feedly did a regular poll of the feed and handled the whitespace correctly. It appears it's only for WebSub publish notifications that Feedly collapses the whitespace like this.


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