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look I’ve killed a lot as a millennial but I have not killed off BW3 as long as they continue to make spicy garlic…

Bdubs better not die. Asian Zing 4 life.

Gretchen Alice

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I think it's a requirement for my Instagram caption today to be "Thirty, flirty, and thriving."

Happy birthday!

Celebrated #NationalDonutDay with a Bismark. Mmm.

Want to read: Batman '66 Vol. 1

Saw my improv friends perform on stage for the first time tonight. They were so good!


Kyle on

Confession: I don't know what the Paris climate thing is.

I hear it's great in the springtime I'll see myself out

♫ The new London Grammar song “Oh Woman, Oh Man” is fantastic. Love her voice.

Static Times

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Q: What's your favorite web feed format for sharing your posts & updates? XML? JSON? HTML w/ Microformats? Other? #rss #atom #json #hentry

Microformats. You forgot to include this one as a poll option.:)


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Exporting a database from phpMyAdmin always feels like the wrong move.

*phpMyAdmin* feels like the wrong move. ;]

Hey Bellingham, join us tonight @TheFoundryWA for Homebrew Website Club:

Trump can't even spell fhqwhgads correctly.


eli on

Here is a snippet from Pneumatic Post's where I outline some of my goals building this thing: Pneumatic Post aims to be easy to install, maintain, and cheap to host. There is no database, and everything is pretty much just vanilla PHP. Building this, I set out to learn some more PHP, start participating in the IndieWeb community, and hopefully make it a bit easier for other folks to do so, too. Poking around Github before I built this, I noticed that most of the existing IndieWeb tools seem to be more technical than not...e.g., I looked at them and had little to no clue what I was looking at. My goal was to make something for the IndieWeb peripheral, the lay-folks. This is defo. still a work in progress. I've had a blast building this over the last week or so. I'm excited to keep working on it, but also to start using it in earnest. To date, most of what I've posted has been to test some feature, or fix some bug. I'm interested to see how Pneumatic Post stands up to regular use. I'm assuming it isn't super scalable, but think it'll serve the purposes I want it to. Huge thank you to Colin Walker, Jeremy Cherfas, Greg, mblaney (sorry, don't know your url), gRegor Morrill, Aaron Parecki, and anyone else who's name I forgot to write down. The help you all provided is much appreciated.

You're welcome.

mblaney is, by the way.


manton on

IndieWeb Summit

Hope you can make it!