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Understandable. Next year we should have the meetups at least monthly, perhaps every two weeks, depending on interest and availability.

Hey Taylor, sorry for the short notice but we're having our second meetup tomorrow. I think we'll continue meeting monthly and I'll do a better job with advance notice next time!

Bookmarked: Troubleshooting Cross-Domain Tracking In Google Analytics

“There is no such thing as cross-domain traffic across Google Analytics properties” helped it click after a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately Google’s documentation on this does not point that out / implies you can use two properties.

The Nerdskull The Nerdskull on
This number is linked to the Warren campaign.

The warren creeps are resorting to some disgraceful tactics to try to smear Bernie.

The establishment is getting nervous.

I don't trust the anonymous reports on the 800notes site linking the number to Warren. They all appear quite new, posted after the screenshot was shared.

Agreed someone is trying to smear, though. Even if only by altering screenshots. I saw someone allege that.

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at Intelligentsia Coffee

Home of the first Homebrew Website Club Chicago and where I first met Kartik Prabhu!

two boxes of medicine; left one labeled 'Leg Cramps' and right one labeled 'Restful Legs'

TV announcer: Are your legs feeling just fine? Try Leg Cramps! Legs feeling too cramped? Try new Restful Legs!

Paul Duane Paul Duane on
What's the difference?

Transphobia is a range of negative attitudes and actions towards transgender people.

It is not how the targets of those attitudes and actions may feel about it.

Even if it was the latter, it's very diminishing to refer to it as hurt feelings. Transphobia has a body count.

Paul Duane Paul Duane on
All you can say is that Gervais hurts YOUR feelings, and perhaps those of your friends who have personally expressed it to you. That’s it. Stop putting all trans people in a box.

Why are you trying to reframe transphobia as "hurt feelings"?

me sitting on my red couch

Happy New Year from my couch. I was told I look cute so figured I’d share.

I’ve known for a while that I should talk to a therapist but kept putting it off because that first step seems so daunting.

Tonight I finally signed up for BetterHelp, an online service. It feels good to have taken even this tiny step.

In reply to:

Hi, Isha.

Just write, dammit.

Currently reading: Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger (ISBN 9781451645859)

Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Impeached on both articles!

I matched with someone on OkCupid that sounded promising and the profile even sounded like it was written by a real human, but then the profile vanished before I could even write an introduction.

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Sorry to anyone who's just received a tonne of webmentions from me - I'm tweaking the way the sending works so there are a few new places you may see them come from

I noticed one from the /mf2 page on your site which surfaced a bug on my end. I need to handle mentions from feed pages better.

holding the book 'And Introducing' by Jez Burrows

“The new phonebook’s here, the new phonebook’s here!” Lovely work, @jezburrows.

This is an annual reminder that Scala & Kolacny Brothers’ album December is so good.

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I really miss having an RSS feed reader. I miss the days when that's how I would aggregate all my content.

Maybe it's time to redownload NetNewsWire.

Check out @aaronpk's post about readers:

I've been using Monocle and really enjoying it! More on

cc @Edw1nS1984

Following up on EasieRSVP: I updated my event pages so Twitter replies that start with “rsvp yes” or “rsvp no” will show as RSVPs. I also standardized them with emoji and “Attending” or “Not attending”. You can see it in action on this week’s HWC SD event page! Charlotte’s RSVP and mine are indie RSVPs; the other two are Twitter RSVPs. Charlotte’s is currently showing as unknown because the microformats aren’t quite right on their post.