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Dear FB friends: Those funny, blurry screenshots you're sharing are mostly from Twitter. Join us there and you can see them firsthand.

Sleepy IndieWebCat


Tyler on

Url slug made this a risky click

Hahah. Could have been worse. At least I wasn't seeing the band Diarrhea Planet. Yep, real band name.

A friend told me "Snopes is just as reliable as Infowars" and I just can't.

Pete Nawara

Pete Nawara on fails when I try it with my domain, Anyone got any ideas? "HTTP ERROR 500" #indiewebify

@petenawara Hi, Pete. Sorry about that. We have an open bug report on it. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed soon.

I don’t have any Halloween party plans tonight, but I had to at least ’shop this costume idea I’ve had since last year.

Presidential Debate (Anchorman Remix)

Nico dead Castillo

Nico dead Castillo on

@gRegorLove question: Did you negotiate a deal?

@nicopolitan You'll have to wait for my next photo to see. ;]

Throwback Halloween 2009

The Naked and Famous were on fire last night

Jeremiah Ragsdale

Jeremiah Ragsdale on

Getting ready to dive back into implementing a website. Looking through everything, I certainly feel a little rusty. hah

@jeremiahrags <marquee><blink>You've got this!</blink></marquee>


Sheryl on

@gRegorLove I don't get it...

@girlvsplanet Max length restrictions on passwords are bad. Same for limited special characters like spaces. No good reason for either.

GEICO Service Team

GEICO Service Team on

@gRegorLove Hi, did you need assistance with something? - Renee

@GEICO_Service Not particularly, but you can pass the note along to IT. Unnecessary maximum length restriction on passwords.

Geico, your password policy is bad.

Please use a password that is 8-16 characters in length. The password must contain letters, at least one number and may include the special characters ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ within it. Spaces are invalid. Please try again.

Scott Wilder

Scott Wilder on

@gRegorLove He's still awaiting trial?

@itsscottwilder No, convicted and in jail, but never should have been. Subsequently under cruel, inhuman treatment.