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@gRegorLove and a stroke on the last one. I hide the proof pretty well, unless you hold my left hand

@thelovelygirl Yikes. Are you better or is it like a potentially ongoing issue? (if you don't mind me asking)

Merlin's Beard

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I've had 5 open heart surgeries

@thelovelygirl Wow, I had no idea!

Hank Green

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.@SatchellDrakes has me thinking it's a grown-up poop joke. Funny because we're confronting taboos like death and impossible situations.

@hankgreen I thought all poop jokes were grown-up poop jokes. That or I never grew up? Hmm.

Jeremiah Ragsdale

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I mean, waterproof, GPS, and dual-core is great, but I think it needed a “one more thing.” Like WiFi. Or innovation with straps. Oh well.

@jeremiahrags Or an audio jack, just to throw people off.


sheep-dipped on

Only too me 2 hours 25 minutes to drive from Ballard to Kent tonight. Fuck you, Seattle.

@michaeldestroys Will you still be there Saturday evening? I'm coming down for the @Eisley concert.

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@gRegorLove Fact: Angie's List is hiring developers, engineers, coders, et. al. So... Maybe Indy is next.

@DemSycamore Haha, very unlikely. Not looking to switch from my telecommute job just yet. Thanks for the thought though. :)

This will never get old.

“Despair is a form of certainty, certainty that the future will be a lot like the present or will decline from it; despair is a confident memory of the future, in Gonzalez’s resonant phrase. Optimism is similarly confident about what will happen. Both are grounds for not acting. Hope can be the knowledge that we don’t have that memory and that reality doesn’t necessarily match our plans; hope like creative ability can come from what the Romantic poet John Keats called Negative Capability.”

Rebecca Solnit, Men Explain Things to Me

@Rachelskirts In honor of your birthday, I accidentally slept 11 hours today.

Happy birthday, @Rachelskirts!

How did I miss that the movie for The Light Between Oceans is out? @thursdayschild @skirts

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@gRegorLove "old road dog" haha, I love that. I am still plugged in, working my A off, having as much fun as ever. The new record - oh wow.

@boyddupree Can't wait! I knew you wouldn't be on the tour but still has to ask. :)

@Eisley Is mister @boyddupree on this tour?

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Oh my. The new Jimmy Eat World songs sound really good.

Oh my. The new Jimmy Eat World songs sound really good.


Darren on

does twitter even implement webmention sending?

@hazybluedot Not yet, but is a service that adds webmention support to Twitter (and others).

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Another test reply, hopefully not duplicated.

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A test reply from my site, not Twitter.