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Micropub test of creating an h-entry with categories. This post should have two categories, test1 and test2


Annie on

Why are there still hipsters? I thought we were done with that.

@girlfrmmars You were just done with them before it was cool.

Ooh, Unwed Sailor is playing Seattle in June!

♫ Loving my friend Dana’s cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

@EdwardorEddie Definitely was being funny, not insulting with that #EQOTW. You should be part of the reboot. But not @Chandlerstrang ;)

Nico del Castillo

Nico del Castillo on

Ack I forgot to ask this week if people wanted to do a #winetoreach tonight. Any interest still?

@nicopolitan I missed this, but was just thinking we should have one next weekend.

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a photo of Kate Beckinsale

Am I doing this right, @kateemick?

#EQOTW: Since the threshold for reboots and other nostalgia is getting shorter and shorter, I think it's time for a RELEVANT podcast reboot.

@calebc It was cool to hear you on @RELEVANTpodcast. Congrats!

Happy Valentime’s Day, everyone! Kind of late, but there’s still 3+ hours of love on the west coast.

That thing where you're listening to a podcast and hear your phone notification on it, but nothing shows up on your phone.

It appears the whitespace around HTML (like links) in my Atom feed is being collapsed. Any advice? The feed is:

@feedly Appears the whitespace around HTML in my Atom feed is being collapsed. Any advice?

Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon on

18. From what we know of God, when He is in our hearts, does God want us to be fearful or brave. Rude or kind. Boastful or humble.

@danharmon As a human and a Christian, I really appreciate this thread. Well-said.

@konklone FYI, Google search is saying "This site may be hacked" under your search result for "Why Google is Hurrying the Web to Kill SHA-1"