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Testing photo posting

Looking forward to Homebrew Website Club Bellingham tonight at a new venue, @TheFoundryWA!

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Have you watched Continuum? Not as unique, but I'm enjoying it.

Ricky Potts

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@gRegorLove Where you going next?


Finished Travelers season 1 on Netflix. Pretty good time travel show.

@willnorris Do/did you have a tool to run each of the mf2 parsers in one page? I seem to recall it but can't find the URL.

Interesting Twitter thread about Tumblr reblogs and inability to untag yourself:

“...he was sidelined in 2011 after a dispute with Putin. A disputin.”

Well-played, @ThisAmerLife

I was thinking it would be nice to keep different lists in Netflix rather than one ever-growing list. I might be able to achieve that with different viewer profiles, but I figured I would experiment keeping lists on my own site instead. I wrote up some quick javascript in the dev console to extract the links and titles as a starting point:

titles = document.querySelectorAll('.title');
for (var i = 0; i < titles.length; i++) { a = titles[i].querySelector('a'); if ( a ) { console.log('<li> <a href="' + a.getAttribute('href') + '">' + titles[i].textContent + '</a> </li>'); } }

Nice parking job, person. I had to crawl over from the passenger side. The parking lot was half empty, too, so they had plenty of options.

@myriadmystic Hey Cassie, think you’ll be able to make it to IndieWeb Summit again this year?

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@indiana_mama Just had one. So good!

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Mmm. Must try.

First day of IndieWebCamp Bellingham completed successfully! Looking forward to seeing what we build tomorrow. #IWCBham

Testing Bridgy Publish to Twitter

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@googledocs @REMBostonsports So....... what to do if you did click the link as this warning was about 3 hrs late

Check for any suspicious apps and revoke their access.