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Manually adding microfomats markup.

Publishing read posts is still pretty new, so there's a lot of experimenting and some more manual steps currently. That's definitely not the end goal, though. We want it to be as simple as possible for everyone to use, but we have to start somewhere.

If you haven't seen it yet, Quill is an app that makes it easy to publish different types of posts to your site without manually writing any microformats. Earlier this year I made some progress on adding read posts to Quill, but ran into some issues that needed to be solved in the microformats first (I was getting a bit ahead of myself). Publishing manually for a while helps us iron things out, try new things more easily, and catch issues.


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An update to read posts for physical books

Just a note: I did not actually get around to changing the Quill micropub request. I only updated the microformats on some read posts. I will do it manually for a little bit longer just to see if any other issues pop up, then I will add it to Quill.

For the p-read-status, what do you think about these machine-readable values to start: to-read, reading, finished? want-to-read seems verbose to me for a machine-readable value.

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I’m attending “IndieWebCamp Baltimore 2018”

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@gRegorLove I would never put that in a profile! How do you like the app? Not creepy?

But if you mean putting your name in there, yeah, I can definitely understand why women might not want to. :/

I use the site instead of the app, but overall it has been a good experience. Nothing really creepy.

Lowry Garuhtahz

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@gRegorLove I would never put that in a profile! How do you like the app? Not creepy?

I’d hope not, since your name isn’t Gregor!

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My project for today's IndieWebCamp Austin was initially to update my fork of Quill for posting read posts.

want-to-read may be unnecessarily verbose for the machine-readable value. Maybe it should just be to-read.

My project for today's IndieWebCamp Austin was initially to update my fork of Quill for posting read posts.

I started by getting my fork of Quill updated. As I was working through some questions about how to include the action being taken on the book (“want to read,” “currently reading,” “finished reading,” etc.), Aaron helped me realize I was working a bit backwards and should start by publishing microformats properties that indicate the status.

I updated a recent read post to include microformats property p-read-status with a value of “to-read.” I will continue experimenting with other values for that property. I am thinking “reading” for currently reading and “finished” for finished reading, but I don’t have any of those published yet.

I also added property p-read-of on the h-cite. This causes the cited work to show up as a property of the h-entry when it’s parsed, not just as a child object.

Props to Aaron for helping get me on the right track for this!


I am currently safe during the Lilac Fire. I had some family inquire, so thought I’d post this in case anyone else wondered. San Diego county is big and the fires are ~45 miles north of me.


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★ Favorited

I, like, see what you did there

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@gRegorLove Hold fast for The One™️, they’ll laugh but probably be an axe murderer.

I mean, several *have* gotten it and it does make me swoon a little.

Marrying an axe murderer worked out okay for Mike Myers.

My OKC profile starts out with “My name is Gregor and yes, ‘Gregor is a weird name.’” which is a StrongBad reference. I don’t expect everyone to get it, but it’s funny the number of messages I get that are just a variant of “Gregor isn’t a weird name.”

Watching IndieWebCamp Austin introduction and demos:

AOL Instant Messenger is being discontinued on 2017-12-15. I have not used it regularly in quite a while, but I wanted to at least export my buddy list. I found a way using Javascript and browser dev tools. It’s not the most user-friendly, but it’s better than nothing.

First, if you still have the AIM desktop software installed, check the menus and for possibly much easier options to save your buddy list and chat logs. I don’t have a version installed and since AOL has removed official download links, I don’t know what’s possible through the software.

If that doesn’t work, here is what I did:

Log in to

Click the down arrow by your name at the top left. Under Contacts check “Show offline contacts in one group.” Uncheck “Show custom groups.”

In your browser’s dev tools, disable the following CSS properties:

.aimlist-panel { position: absolute; }
.aimlist-itemscontainer { position: absolute; overflow-y: auto; height: auto; }
.accordion-list { * }
.virtual-list { * }
.vl-rows { * }

This will mess up the visual display of the buddy list in your browser, but should make it so the entire list of buddies is in the HTML, which is what we want. By default only the current screen’s worth of usernames is in the HTML.

In your browser’s dev tools console, run these lines of Javascript:

var entries = document.querySelectorAll('.aimlist-item');
for ( i = 0; i < entries.length; i++ ) { console.log(entries[i].getAttribute('title') + ': ' + entries[i].getAttribute('aria-label')) }

The console should then fill up with lines of screennames, display names, and online status. Copy and paste all of those into a text editor, then do some cleanup as needed.

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We are shutting down @gimmebar after 8 years. The app is very very delicate so please be patient with us as we go…

Thanks for a great service and the exports! Is it possible to announce this from @gimmebar? I didn't get an email so just found out via another mention of it.