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A lot of interesting ideas here! The individual book entries appear to be a hybrid of a citation and a review, so I wonder about using microformats2 h-cite and h-review.

On my list of reading posts I use h-cite to mark up the books with the uid being the ISBN or DOI. Check out the parsed result of that page. My list isn’t really a bookshelf since each post has its own read-status, but take a look at the parsed h-cite within each post.

This gets more hypothetical since I have not posted a lot of reviews, but an h-review post could have the item be the book’s h-cite. A bookshelf would then be a stream of h-cite and h-review posts. A nice benefit of that is social readers are already able to subscribe to and display those streams.

Throwback to three years ago with Mommer

I’m on about day 11 of my quaranbeard. Not sure what I think about it yet, but I’m sticking it out for a while. How is your beard treating you?

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The `h-cite` nested in your `in-reply-to` should have a `u-url` property. That makes the parsed `value` of it the URL, which most comment consumers expect. That's why your replies show up on my site as mentions instead of replies.

If you're looking for face masks and able to pay it forward a bit, this from @paynobikefees seems like a good option:

I’m hanging out on Beatsense playing some music if anyone wants to join in:

My drawing of 'Darth ASCII'

Meet Darth ASCII.

Tonight I learned about Maxwell Joslyn’s Sith Lord Challenge. The idea is to draw your conception of a Sith Lord, name it, and submit it.

Before I had even looked at other entries, I asked, “do we have to be good at drawing?” to which he replied, “most decidedly not.” In the submission section it mentions you can text it to him, which made me joke, “can we submit ASCII Sith Lords?” And thus the seed for this idea was planted.

I enjoyed the creative challenge of picking characters that would work and am really pleased with the result. The exclamation point for the light saber jumped out right away. Then the A for the body. I first used a u for the lower face and was quite happy when it also made a ventilator. Add umlauts for eyes? Perfect.

Check out Maxwell’s page and submit your own!

This post is brought to you by the letters A, ü, j, C, and punctucation !

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Monday? I have no concept of time lately. Move along.

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I’m doing alright most days; some increased anxiety and insomnia at times. How are you?

West coast organizers have been hosting indieweb meetups weekly now on Wednesdays. Drop in when you have a chance!

We talked about some improvements to during tonight’s IndieWeb meetup. I think we landed on the idea that it is primarily a tool for developers, since it involves instructing people to change HTML. We discussed possibly changing it from a numbered list (or levels) to more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format.

“ is still very 2015 indieweb”Tantek

As a first small step, I wanted to propose that we change the messaging so it’s clear it’s intended for developers and add some prominent links (perhaps in a top bar?) to other indieweb resources if you’re not a developer, like the getting started page. Since can be some people’s first exposure to the indieweb, I think it is important that we don’t give the impression that indieweb = you have to be a developer. We should provide clear, inviting calls to action for non-developers.

Since it is largely a set of validators, I wonder if that should be part of the messaging, too. Something like “ indieweb validators for developers”?

What are your thoughts?

Reminder: Homebrew Website Club San Diego and San Francisco are online tonight at 6pm Pacific. Join us if you're interested in creating or updating your personal website!

Check the event page 15 minutes before for the Zoom link:

I’m hanging out on Beatsense playing some music if anyone wants to join in:

Given all the social distancing (you're doing that, right?!), anxiety, and whatnot... how about we have a @winetoreach? Let's say tomorrow, Sunday at 4pm Pacific until whenever. I can send out a Hangouts link shortly before. Spread the word.

Hey everyone, out of an abundance of caution regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have decided to switch this March 18th meetup to an online-only meetup.

We will provide a Zoom video conference link 20 minutes before the meetup on the event page and in the IndieWeb chat.

Want to read: Lateral Thinking: A Textbook of Creativity by Edward de Bono (ISBN 9780241257548)

via You can't actually run out of ideas

A canvasser for a Democrat running for Congress came by. They asked where I was leaning and I said “leftist.” They responded “ooh boy” and paused. I laughed a bit and asked if that was a good or bad reaction. They said “well, change is hard.” They didn't sound judgmental, but I’m not sure what this means about the candidate or my answer.

I was watching the beginning of Bang Bang Con (!!Con) and they talked about their code of conduct. I liked these three tips they gave to stay in line with their values:

  • “Avoid feigning surprise.” When someone says something like “I’ve never heard that you can do x,” instead of replying “You’ve never heard that?!” take a moment to revel in the fact the person is about to learn something new and cool. Let that frame your response.
  • Avoid “well, actually...” if someone says something not quite correct.
  • Avoid subtle -isms like “so easy my grandmother could do it.” That’s a subtle exclusion of women and older people.

Edit: these are based on the Recurse Center’s social rules.

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Hey Brian, hope you can make the next Homebrew Website Club San Diego meetup: