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I am currently safe during the earthquake that happened 12:30pm in southern California. Didn’t feel anything where I am; it was further north San Diego County and LA area.

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If only my younger self could see me at 31: burning the midnight oil, classics music blaring overhead, scribbling furiously, painstakingly rendering a butt.

Living your best life!

Their neighbor always carried a can of RAID because they lived their life with no hornets.

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What is Digg going to do to make sure this link (this discussion) still exists in 5 years?

Unfortunately not very surprising: this URL discussing digital rot did not even last 3 years. It redirects to the homepage now. Despite Toby’s response, I cannot find it using their search.

Facebook, I have never even heard of these organizations much less been a customer. I manually removed at least 100 of these from my Ad Preferences page recently and now there are these 15. What are you doing?

screenshot of Facebook’s 'advertisers with your contact info'

New release of mf2 to iCalendar

I’ve released version 0.0.2 of mf2 to iCalendar, a library to convert h-event microformats into iCalendar.

It now supports dates with local time (no timezone) and it prefers the content property over the description property. Also, unit tests. Because test ALL THE THINGS!

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HAI human I don't know why your toy is so big and on your lap but my toy is awesome and um it would be cool if u grab it and throw it very far like a good human

Ooh, what laptop is that with the rainbow keys?

and omg THROW THE TOY.

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Dear Americans, I know you like to do that MM/DD thing, but it confuses the hell out of the rest of the world so how about we all just use letters for the month instead? I have no idea if 2/3/18 is Feb or Mar and the fix is so easy... (and yes, I always use DD/MMM/YY)

ISO 8601 or go home ;)

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I’m attending “Tommy Wiseau’s New Movie - Best F(r)iends!”

@sarah5 I guess the green flash is real


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This week, we talked with NT Wright (@profntwright) about his new biography of Paul, @passionmusic gives a behind-the-scenes look at their new album “Whole Heart” and a lot more!

“Hole” hearts don’t exist, @EdwardorEddie.

Check the Contact Information You've Uploaded to Facebook

If you’ve ever had the Facebook app installed on your phone, you should check on the contacts it has uploaded and information it has tracked. Per the Ars Technica article linked below, Facebook was collecting your call and SMS logs from Android phones until recently.

How to see/remove contacts that were uploaded to Facebook

Keep in mind that this is contact information from your phone’s address book that was uploaded to Facebook if you granted the permission when you installed the app. They use this information to help connect you to your friends on Facebook. Deleting this information does not remove any of your current Facebook friends.

If you have used the Facebook Messenger app, also open to delete that information. Again, this doesn’t remove the friends you’re connected to on Facebook, just the address book information you’ve shared with Facebook, most likely totally unaware.

If you had either app on iPhone you’re probably safe from the call and SMS logs. You should still check what contact information you’ve uploaded. I would also generally recommend not using the Facebook apps on your phone, if possible. The mobile version of Facebook at should work well instead. You can bookmark it and add it as an icon on your home screen.

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones, Ars Technica,

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Here, have a test webmention!

What has two thumbs and just got a hurrcut? (and makes goofy faces)