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I don’t remember how to do introduction posts, so there ya go, Bluesky.

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Excellent movie. I should re-watch, it’s been a while.

I somehow missed that Jeunet had a new film last year, Bigbug. Watched it the other week on Netflix and enjoyed it.

I’m attending If You Knew Me Would You Love Me 2023-10-26 7:00pm–9:30pm.

Small moment of joy: I was helping We All We Got SD take things from storage to the park this morning. Another person showed up to help unmasked, but after they saw me masked, they put one on and told me how nice it was to see other people masking. They told me all too familiar stories about being one of the few masked at a big event. They’ve had COVID twice and can’t afford to get sick again.

It felt really nice and reminded me that that it’s not futile to mask up. Sometimes it might remind someone else to mask or make them feel less alone in doing so. Let’s keep each other safe! 💛

Ooh, it looks like Bridgy Fed now has support for at-mentions. Thanks @snarfed@indieweb.social!

Great post. No notes. What Elon Musk's X is getting right

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I’ll have to check these out! I got to see Wet Leg at Music Box last year and they were a lot of fun. Also, I feel like I’ve *arrived* now that I have a hashtag! 😂

I joined the virtual Homebrew Website Club meetup last night and Pablo shared the post about his plans to expand his music tastes, “1000 Albums in 1000 Days.”

I have posted someMusic Mondayposts occasionally. It’s usually been when I’m particularly excited about a song or just when the mood strikes me. I was intrigued by Pablo’s idea and figured it could be a relatively easy task to listen to one distinct album each day(-ish), whether it’s new to me or not. I am always interested in finding good new music, so that will be part of the goal, but I think this will also help me go through the catalog of albums I haven’t listened to in ages and see how they hold up.

I’m keeping it simple for now, so not going to commit to 1000 albums or posting about each one I listen to, but I am sure I will share some of the high/lowlights.

Recommendations are always welcome! What are some of your favorite albums of 2023?

More adventures at the cardiologist’s office:

Again, no doctors or nurses were masked. One nurse had a couple big sneezes. There were a lot more people in the waiting room this time; only one of them was masked. I ended up waiting in the hallway for a bit since it was emptier and had better ventilation since it was close to an automatic outside door.

I didn’t work up the courage to ask the tech and nurse in the patient room to wear a mask (it’s such a weird, exhausting, psychological thing.) However, when I was checking out and scheduling my next appointment, I asked them to include a request in my file that people mask in the room. She seemed entirely pleasant about it as she made the note, so that’s a positive. We’ll see how it goes next visit. I expect I will still need to remind them when I get in the room, but I feel better having it on the record at least.


Want to read: Art As Politics in the Third Reich by Jonathan Petropoulos (ISBN 9780807848098)

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Not too surprisingly, I never heard back on this message. I just forwarded it again with the comment:

I never heard back on this message. I would appreciate some attention to this since we are in yet another, entirely predictable surge of COVID-19. Hospital admissions are up 33% since last week. What steps are being taken to encourage/require masking, improve ventilation, etc?

Want to read: Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey (ISBN 9780316365215)

Want to read: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex by Incite! Women of Color Against Violence (ISBN 9780822369004)

I’m trying out Obsidian and getting back into Mark Forster’s task management explorations, specifically “Final Version Perfected.” I’ve used that method off-and-on and I think it works well as long as I can stick to it. I’m also hoping that regular note-taking will help me put together more blog posts. I’ve had plenty of ideas float by, but if I don’t capture them somewhere, they’re not likely to crystalize into a blog post.

Me with Isha. My 'I <3 NY' shirt is positioned in a way that it looks like a red circle
Allison, Isha, and me
Me with Isha. This time I'm making a dorky face. My 'I <3 NY' shirt is positioned in a way that it looks like a red circle

Throwback to 2007-04-28 at Radio Radio for the Wolfy, Cabin, and Little Voice show with Isha and Allison. I think this is one of my first pictures with Isha. This was only a couple weeks before my heart incident too. Whoa.

We were so young. I miss going to shows with Indianapolis friends.

Original photos by Allison

Want to read: Call It Sleep by Henry Roth (ISBN 9780374522926)

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Want to read: The Stones of Summer by Dow Mossman (ISBN 9781585675173)

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