Finished reading: Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang (ISBN 9781931520898)

I updated my homepage to show the latest photo post:

Silversun Pickups on stage with purpley-blue lighting
Silversun Pickups on stage with blue lighting
Silversun Pickups on stage with red lighting

There was some strong bisexual lighting at the Silversun Pickups concert last fall.

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OMG, the cuteness! *boop*

Hey, San Diego! We All We Got is doing another grocery distribution this Saturday, January 14th 12:30pm until supplies run out. Location: Azalea Park (corner of Poplar & Violet).

No proof of income or ID is necessary to receive food. Solidarity, not charity.

Sign up to volunteer:

Aha, I see our clients decided to go easy the first week in January and send allll their requests this week, wee!

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Fartstock: the worst music festival ever.

And sorry about the wrist pain. :/

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to me sooner, but I had a pretty vivid dream that I tested positive for COVID. I was so frustrated about it in the dream because I had been really careful about masking in public, but hardly anyone else was. Sounds familiar. It was such a relief when I woke up.

I’m probably attending Homebrew Website Club - Pacific tonight at 6PM Pacific.

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I have a friend who is big into the gift economy and it is interesting. I have not read Sacred Economics, though he has recommended it. This is not related to that book, but unfortunately I did get turned off on the author recently when I read some of his COVID minimizing and citing people who have spread misinformation. :/ The book may still be great, though!

Want to read: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin (ISBN 9780593321201)

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Chumbawamba beyond “Tubthumping” so I’m giving the rest of the album a listen. It’s pretty good and I dig the social commentary. I will need to dig into their older anarcho-punk stuff.

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Technically it is day 9 of 12 for Christmas, so I say send 'em!

And of course with puns. XD

Tonight I learned that my mom has, on at least a few occasions, suggested a single woman check out my website and contact me if interested. I found it quite funny (and sweet, of course) as a modern twist on “you should meet my son.” I think it caught me off guard too because she does not often bring up my dating life when we talk.

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Love it! Reminds me that I should do something with my name-domain.

I just watched a news report of a 2,000-attendee conference for “health and wellness advocates” that took place in the San Diego Convention Center. From the clips, I would say at most 10% of people were masked indoors. I searched the event page for “covid” or “mask” but only found info on a sub-page. It said they were providing masks (good) and hoping that as community leaders, everyone would model the precautions they’re asking of the public by volunteering to wear masks indoors (WTF). To top it all off, their slogan was “Building an equitable future.” Infuriating. Not wearing a mask at a crowded indoor event is definitely not contributing to an equitable future.