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I joined the ACLU today and encourage you to donate. Send @sacca your receipt; he is matching up to $75K.

We filed suit against @RealDonaldTrump's #MuslimBan

ACLU and Other Groups Challenge Trump Immigration Ban After Refugees Detained at Airports Following Executive Order

@ACLU on Twitter

Chris Sacca

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I'm inspired by all who are barely scraping by yet still giving monthly to the @ACLU. Show me your receipts and I'll match 'em to $75k.

@sacca Thanks so much for matching funds!


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I'm always seeing those silly equations with pictograms and they try to trick you by having a pair of something in the first equations but then only one of them in the last line so you get sloppy and forget about that ang get it wrong. I don't like them, they're boring and just play with this one trick it seems. Therefor I created a real one in the same style, without tricks but instead it is a bit harder. It's still just natural numbers, so everybody should be able to solve it, given enough time. If you have a hard time solving it here is a description how you normally would try to solve those equations: (I'd really love someone to solve it graphically.)

Orange = 7 Cherry = -10

Got to see @WhoseRyanStiles perform at last night’s @TheUpfront improv show. So funny. A lot of talented people there.


Giving a spin. Hopefully it can do a few of the indieweb things I'd like on my site.

Testing sending a webmention. Ping.


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@girlfrmmars Shoot, I must be decrepit then. @Dutchface HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHIPPERSNAPPER.

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@etportis Hi Eric! Yeah, we have a Homebrew Website Club meetup every two weeks. Next will be Feburary 8. I'll send you an invite. #indieweb

@etportis There’s talk of a Seattle IndieWebCamp this year, too:

Eric Portis

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@gRegorLove saw you're starting an IndieWebCamp in Bellingham (!). I can’t ferry over from Orcas tomorrow, but! Hopefully! In the future!

@etportis Hi Eric! Yeah, we have a Homebrew Website Club meetup every two weeks. Next will be Feburary 8. I'll send you an invite. #indieweb

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@Skirts I show him respect. On Thursdays.

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@gRegorLove Awesome! What improv class are you taking? I’m part of @ootbimprov, and LOVE IT. It’s like playtime for my brain and soul.

@scottpdawson Level 200 @TheUpfront, Ryan Stiles’ theater. Our teacher, Robin, is great. A lot of fun and pushing me out of my comfort zone.

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@gRegorLove YES, AND

@thursdayschild You’re supposed to add something, Tyler!

Really enjoying the group of people in my improv class.

For all your Nazi-punching meme needs: @PunchedToMusic

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Super in love with my new alternative pants.

@gretchenalice Needs more flannel to be truly alternative.

jk, I get it. Well done.

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Motion design gets real

@fredsprinkle New profile picture.

Seriously surprised and so happy that @xychelsea’s sentence has been commuted!

I think I’m going to try the 100 Words in 100 Days challenge again. I only finished 13 non-contiguous days last time. I also didn’t fill in the missed days. This time I want to be more rigorous about it.

I’m planning to start on February 1. If you’re interested in joining in, let me know. I’d love to follow your writings.

I want to read 30 books in 2017. #readingchallenge

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this strange phenomenon where office people love meetings

@Jen_Face >_> suspect lizard people <_<