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😍 Ooh. I'm not familiar with this brand. How are their pens in your experience? I have a CW&T Pen Type-B and have mixed opinions on it.

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Personally, I appreciate your commentary on it. It’s good to nudge things forward and we techy people sometimes need a reality check like “wtf is this thing? I just want to write a post.”

It’s Long COVID Awareness Day. An estimated 65 million people suffer from it globally. Remember that the risk of long-term health issues in multiple organs increases after each infection, even if your symptoms were mild.

Every COVID Infection Increases Your Risk of Long COVID, Study Warns

Long COVID: major findings, mechanisms and recommendations

Watched Clara (2018) and enjoyed it overall. It’s a slow build but pretty good science fiction, especially for a first-time writer/director.

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Ah, I see the h-entry is on the body element so it wraps both of them. I'm not sure what's easiest, but you could remove the h-card from your name at the top of each post and rely on the footer h-card.

Or you could move the h-entry to an element that only wraps the post content. That would require either making the h-card at the top of the post more complete or linking to a dedicated page like the homepage for author information. More details on that option.

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I see two h-cards in the author property when I parse this post. The first one only has name and URL; the second one is more complete, including photo. I think most software will use the first one it finds.

Want to read: How Ableism Fuels Racism: Dismantling the Hierarchy of Bodies in the Church by Lamar Hardwick (ISBN 9781587436123)

via Stephanie Tait

A good intro video about mutual aid:

Charity affirms the existing distribution of wealth and life chances. Mutual aid challenges it. Charity is top-down. Mutual aid is horizontal. Charity is about control, hierarchy, and isolation. Mutual aid is about solidarity, liberation, and participation.

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Wocka, wocka! Here’s a cool guestbook sign-in for a cool dude.

oh... FoNzie

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Nope, only the posts I manually trigger. I think if you wanted to post to this Mastodon account, you would use Bridgy Classic, which has an interactive form: you put in the URL of your post, it fetches the microformats from your post, then it cross-posts (not federates) the post. Bridgy Fed is actual federation, where my website is my AP identity — I don't have a Mastodon account.

It's definitely a bit more manual of a process and if you enjoy the Mastodon app experience now, it might be a downgrade in that regard. Happy to talk about it more in indieweb dev channel.

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AP supports some set of HTML in posts. I'm using Bridgy Fed to federate my posts directly from my site, so it sends those inline links. There's some elements Mastodon doesn't support, but it usually just strips them and the plain text still works well:

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The recent Vice layoffs where emoji reactions were enabled and they stopped due to the flood of thumbs-down.

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Thank you so SO much for fully acknowledging COVID in this announcement. Sounds like you have the start of a really solid health and safety policy! I’ve been so disappointed with event organizers treating it like an afterthought or just acting like it’s 2019 again.

XOXO doing this just warms my heart so much and gives me hope. It’s totally possible to have great gatherings like this and keep each other safe. 💛😷

XOXO Fest is coming back one last time and the announcement fully acknowledges COVID, a high-quality mask requirement, and they’ll have a simulcast option to an outdoor area. This is the way.

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Improve parse_url usage

In some edge cases, I’ve gotten a TypeError in parseUriToComponents(), when called by the function resolveUrl() (not the class method of the same name). This happens because parse_url can return false and it’s not checking for that before calling array_key_exists:

array_key_exists(): Argument #2 ($array) must be of type array, bool given

A real-world example is @pmoralesgarcia has domain-relative links like href="/blog/tag:2024/" which parse_url has trouble with, probably because of the colon. I haven’t researched the best solution, but something like the class method might be enough. It might be worth seeing what sabre-io/uri does. I’ve been using that in some other code and liking it so far.

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Yay! Congratulations on taking this brave step! 🏳️‍🌈

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Dang, that looks delicious! 😋

I watched a great video by Lauren Kim titled “I deleted all my social media and made a website” (runtime 26:55).

She broke it into a few chapters. In “Why a website,” I liked the focus on a website as a long-term project. She also emphasized creating things for ourselves/the sake of creativity, not so much for the social validation.

Then there was the website tour itself. It was great to see how excited she was and how much thought she’d put into the whole process. I’m glad to see younger generations making these connections and working on personal websites.

The indieweb kids are alright.