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close-up of myself wearing sunglasses on the beach
First beach day for me this year

gRegor Morrill

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Do I need this t-shirt, y/y?

a c q u i r e d

Kelly Clowers

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Even if they do support it... thinking more about it, making the reader chop up the html body formatted in who knows what way and transform it into a nice feed seems like a terrible idea. And what about all these BS pages that don't even exist really until the JS runs?

There are microformats parser libraries in a variety of languages, so adding parsing is the relatively easy step:

Mastodon and publish microformats. Most WordPress themes publish legacy microformats1.

Brian Smith

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What are the most-used feed readers, based on User-Agent in requests to your feed? Is it still useful to publish an RSS/Atom feed at all, or do all the feed readers that matter support h-feed and h-atom ( Seems silly to produce an XML copy of a feed now.

Most of the "big" readers don't support microformats yet, but the #indieweb community is making some progress. Check out @aaronpk's post

I use to convert my h-feed to Atom. It's more DRY than maintaining a separate XML file.

Want to read: The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory, and the Legacy of Vietnam by Jerry Lembcke (ISBN 9780814751473)

♫ The new Jenny Lewis album is great, as expected.

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Yesterday I was glowing after having discovered CSS's Flexbox. Today I found an even nicer gem, for managing the cascade: !important Tack that bitch onto any style and shit "just works" ?

::after { content: "delete this" !important; }

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OMG This thread is amazing.

Well, half of the tweets are.

I don't understand the concept of "entirely too much bread."

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There's also which is more broad, topically.

I’m attendingVirtual Homebrew Website Club” on

Want to watch: At the End of the Day

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I am upset that I still have not found my Apple Mouse in all my unpacking endeavors. Where is it?? ?

Try luring it out with some Apple Cheese.

I’m attending IndieWeb Summit 2019!

Want to read: This: Becoming Free by Michael Gungor (ISBN 9781944903619)

Achievement unlocked: day trip to Mexico. Had some good fish, shrimp, and lobster in Puerto Nuevo. And a shot of some good tequila courtesy of Hector the Connector

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David Millar - on Why does gRegor hate my birthday? ?

Ha! I only said that because it's no longer National Doughnut Day. But now that I know it's your birthday, it's not so bad.

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