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Am I doing this right, @kateemick?

#EQOTW: Since the threshold for reboots and other nostalgia is getting shorter and shorter, I think it's time for a RELEVANT podcast reboot.

@calebc It was cool to hear you on @RELEVANTpodcast. Congrats!

Happy Valentime’s Day, everyone! Kind of late, but there’s still 3+ hours of love on the west coast.

That thing where you're listening to a podcast and hear your phone notification on it, but nothing shows up on your phone.

It appears the whitespace around HTML (like links) in my Atom feed is being collapsed. Any advice? The feed is:

@feedly Appears the whitespace around HTML in my Atom feed is being collapsed. Any advice?

Dan Harmon

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18. From what we know of God, when He is in our hearts, does God want us to be fearful or brave. Rude or kind. Boastful or humble.

@danharmon As a human and a Christian, I really appreciate this thread. Well-said.

@konklone FYI, Google search is saying "This site may be hacked" under your search result for "Why Google is Hurrying the Web to Kill SHA-1"

@KumarsSalehi Also, happy belated birthday. Mine's December 26 and I always get the "double gifts" comment too. @roqchams

@roqchams @KumarsSalehi Listening to the "Lessons from 2016" episode and had to chime in: "The Christmas Shoes" is the worst Christmas song.

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Share links instead of screenshots. Make your own captions/transcripts. Make sure this information doesn't get lost and it gets to everyone.

@antiheroine Great points. I also recommend using "Save Page Now" to backup links before sharing.

I joined the ACLU today and encourage you to donate. Send @sacca your receipt; he is matching up to $75K.

We filed suit against @RealDonaldTrump's #MuslimBan

ACLU and Other Groups Challenge Trump Immigration Ban After Refugees Detained at Airports Following Executive Order

@ACLU on Twitter

Chris Sacca

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I'm inspired by all who are barely scraping by yet still giving monthly to the @ACLU. Show me your receipts and I'll match 'em to $75k.

@sacca Thanks so much for matching funds!


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I'm always seeing those silly equations with pictograms and they try to trick you by having a pair of something in the first equations but then only one of them in the last line so you get sloppy and forget about that ang get it wrong. I don't like them, they're boring and just play with this one trick it seems. Therefor I created a real one in the same style, without tricks but instead it is a bit harder. It's still just natural numbers, so everybody should be able to solve it, given enough time. If you have a hard time solving it here is a description how you normally would try to solve those equations: (I'd really love someone to solve it graphically.)

Orange = 7 Cherry = -10

Got to see @WhoseRyanStiles perform at last night’s @TheUpfront improv show. So funny. A lot of talented people there.


Giving a spin. Hopefully it can do a few of the indieweb things I'd like on my site.

Testing sending a webmention. Ping.