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I guess before 2016 ends I should listen to this Hamilton soundtrack. Here we go.

Sarah Ruth

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@gRegorLove @WNYC I wish for my gRegor to be happy! ❤️️

@sarah5 You’re supposed to think it to yourself! But thanks. :) <3 I’m happy as long as there is not sand.

Dead-simple mindfulness thing I've been trying: bring someone to mind and think “I wish for them to be happy.”


First snow

♫ Nostalgia-listening to Transatlanticism today. Holds up.


I've seen some cool Minecraft stuff, but this Atari 2600 emulator takes the cake.

h/t @waxpancake

gRegor’s Angels

Eight years? Dang.

Throwback to December 6, 2008. Photo by Sheryl Hugill.

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I'm having a lousy morning. Do me a favor and pay me a compliment--I'll give you one back in return.

@gretchenalice You’re hilarious and have/had one of the best nicknames (gretchasketch)!

Lighted boat parade on the bay last night

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@indiana_mama Just starting a @BreneBrown book, but some HP would also be good.

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@indiana_mama Whoa. Things OK, or just busy?

My IndieWeb Commitment is:

– Finish my style guide
– Add the “floating top bar” main navigation when scrolling down the page


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My IndieWeb Commitment is: – Expand my reply-context to show at least the author name and text that I’m replying t0. – Add support for local comments, requiring a Persona login to leave a comment. – If those two are not enough (ha), a stretch goal would be to add tagging.

Looking back:

On 2015-12-26 I completed the expanded reply-contexts for new posts. Retroactively applied it to an older post to screenshot:

On 2016-03-09 I implemented plain-text tagging for event posts.

On 2016-03-21 I completed support for local comments. I did not use Persona for login since it's dying, unfortunately. :/ The anti-spam measures I've implemented have worked pretty well, though.


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Really feel like I’ve fallen into another dimension. Tr*mp is gonna be president and Martha Stewart and Snoop have a cooking show.

@girlfrmmars Please tell me it's called Fo' Sizzle.

Re: the death penalty, I just finished reading a really powerful book, The Death of Innocents by Sister Helen Prejean. Highly recommended. More information and resources:

Happy #MST3KTurkeyDay!

Police hit a #NoDAPL protester with a concussion grenade. She's now facing multiple surgeries and potentially amputation of her arm. Please donate if you can.