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Marty McGuire

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Thanks to guest Richard Gorelick for playing along in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast.

How much of the show do you guys improv vs sketch out in advance?

I always wondered what Arnold Schwarzenegger would sound like at a Benny Hinn revival from @FSBibleTime

♫ La Roux, “Tropical Chancer”

Haven’t listened to this album in a while. Still solid.

Sun sabers

@overcastfm Is there a way to find the original feed URL for a subscribed podcast?


RELEVANT Podcast on

The new podcast featuring @MrTonyHale is here!

Tech note: appears the feed URL changed this week but old one wasn't redirected. Stops at 7/14 on Overcast:

Thinking about moving to San Diego.

[Game of Thrones tweet]

Dylan On

Dylan On on

Trying to figure out how to implement Micropub on my site. My knowledge gaps are glaring. This is difficult.

If you have any questions, we have a chat with helpful people: (the dev channel)

The four genders

Ricky Potts

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@gRegorLove remember that thing I asked you about a few weeks ago. Think @girlvsplanet can help me? She has t responded to any of the tags.

Wait, don't you live under the same roof?