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It's not a road trip without some unexpected car maintenance! Staying in Medford tonight. Looking forward to catching up on some sleep.

them: "I don't like ketchup"
me: "If you don't like America, why don't you leave?"

Farewell for now, Bellingham

Jim Pick

Jim Pick on

@gRegorLove Have fun in San Diego!

Thanks, Jim! I will see you around the indiewebiverse. :)

gRegor Morrill

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Bellingham, you pulled off some gorgeous weather for my last full day here. ❤️

I'm hitting the road tomorrow afternoon, a 3 day trip ( . . . a 3 day trip ♪)

Bellingham, you pulled off some gorgeous weather for my last full day here. ❤️

anonymous camel

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@gRegorLove Remember how much of a mess Google buzz was? Also, that class-action lawsuit? On second thought... OH MAN. YES, BRING IT BACK.

I know, right? Thankfully they then got everything perfect with Google Plus.

anonymous camel

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@gRegorLove NO


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Not this time.

Lowry Garuhtahz

Lowry Garuhtahz on

@gRegorLove Are you off to SD already?

No, just my stuff. I leave Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

Well, 99% of my stuff has started its journey to San Diego! I'll follow on Wednesday. #WhereInTheWorldIsgRegorSanDiego

No, YOU were up until 2am packing the night before the movers arrived.

Had a fun going away shindig tonight. Gonna miss my nerdy improv friends here.

“Wow that's a lot of pee” - @alanaruthk

A guy infiltrated the alt-right for a year. This quote is from one of the leaders in the alt-right movement:

“It’s going to end with concentration camps and expulsions and war. At the cost of a few hundred million people. Put it to you this way: we will have a Europe in 2050 where the banknotes have Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great. And Hitler will be seen like that. Like Napoleon, like Alexander. Not like some weird monster who is unique in his own category. No, he’s just going to be seen as a great European leader.”

Jason Reza Jorjani, a founder of the AltRight Corporation.

It’s vital to understand the alt-right, take it seriously, and combat it.

Check out the op-ed and the site that Hope Not Hate set up. Lots of information in the latter.

Hey, Bellingham! Reminder that Whatcom Refugee Support Network has a meeting this Sunday, 6:30pm.

Movers are packing up this Saturday morning. It’s getting real! #WhereInTheWorldIsgRegorSanDiego