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oops missed this! I'm near Burbank, Anaheim is no problem to get to from here.

Cool! Any recommendations? I’m an omnivore and don’t mind vegetarian/vegan.


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Ohhhh, is this for people who are still making standalone websites? I like the sound of that…

It’s for everybody. :] But yes, webmentions were developed in the indieweb community and a lot of our personal sites support it so we can interact between our sites.


?RavenWorks? on wait, this has been a thing for over a year and a half?? how do I miss out on all these things for so long

I’m biased, but the indieweb chat is a good place to keep up with things people are doing on their personal sites and get inspired!

@nicopolitan Whereabouts are you in LA? I’m going to a concert at Anaheim House of Blues this Saturday. If you’re not too far away, maybe we could grab a bite beforehand.

I was reminded of ICQ today and tried logging in. I remembered my ID and the password I used from the late ’90s. Good jorb, brain.

4611084 if anyone wants to say hi.

[god creating mushrooms]

god: some go on pizzas
angel: you ok buddy?

@thetwilightsown Hey Mark, I just got an email confirmation about the album shipping (awesome!) but unfortunately my address has changed. I replied to the email but wasn't sure if a human would see it. Should I email someone else?

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Recommended follows: @prisonculture @some_qualia ‏@ZoeJardiniere @HappySonship ‏@MaryNumair ‏@ExistentialEnso @MuslimIQ ‏

Oops, thought I had @contrapoints in there. Recommend her YouTube as well.

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Reminder: I am looking for more people to follow that provide quality content here on Twitter, and ESPECIALLY if they are… - women - PoC - LGBTQ+ So far I’ve gotten ZERO recommendations. Surely you know of someone.

Recommended follows: @prisonculture @some_qualia ‏@ZoeJardiniere @HappySonship ‏@MaryNumair ‏@ExistentialEnso @MuslimIQ ‏

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Mmm, I miss Bdubs. And you.

Want to read: Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan (ISBN 9780316187749)

Finished reading: Finding God in the Waves by Mike McHargue (ISBN 9781101906040)

Micropub properties for indiebookclub

Tantek and I were discussing the read-of and read-status properties and the process of standardizing them in the h-entry specification. I realized read-status may be an overly-specific property name, since the same concept might apply to listen, watch, and exercise posts. Since these are experimental properties, ideally they should be published with the x prefix: p-x-read-status. I noted this in the brainstorming for read posts.

The problem

I’m trying to decide if/how I should update the indiebookclub Micropub request to reflect this. I know of three Micropub servers processing both properties when publishing:

The WordPress Semantic Linkbacks plugin consumes the read-of property from webmentions to display a separate reading facepile.

The seemingly correct thing would be for indiebookclub to send these properties as x-read-status and x-read-of. My first reaction is: I don’t want to break the servers above (especially by changing it. My second reaction is: if I do change them now and eventually read properties get standardized, changing at that point will break servers a second time. Is it better to break things once or twice? I wonder if the “best” thing to do is leave the request as-is and only update it later, once the properties are standardized. This could have the negative effect of encouraging people to keep publishing read-status and read-of, giving the impression they’re standard.

A potential solution?

I could make different versions of the Micropub request and let users toggle them on their settings page. To prevent from breaking immediately, I could default users to the legacy version. Everyone else would default to v2. Whenever the properties are standardized, v3 would be setup and become the default.

This solution feels a bit unfriendly to Micropub server implementers, so I keep coming back to wondering if I should keep it as-is and only change when it’s standardized.

I feel a bit stuck, so I’m definitely open to suggestions. Help me, Micropub masters! :]

@planetvoss Just saw your girlfriend in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Better watch out; she’s getting friendly with Paul Rudd.

@judicialnetwork Why are you sending me spam text messages?

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Ahh, I think I forgot the response lines. Was it “exclamation point” and then “MOVE, LADY!”?

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Hi gee-Regor. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I also know that you are not alone with these feelings. I think they’re completely normal and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. Thank you for sharing how you’re feeling. I love your face.

Thanks, gee-FM. :]


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