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Working on a post about microformats during Online Homebrew Website Club quiet writing hour. #indieweb

I'm enjoying this episode, though I wish Helen Prejean was interviewed as well. I highly recommend her books.

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I'm seeing @mxpx and @fiveironfrenzy tonight! It's like Cornerstone 15 years ago. With air conditioning, though.

Probably fewer Stryper costumes, though.


I'm seeing @mxpx and @fiveironfrenzy tonight! It's like Cornerstone 15 years ago. With air conditioning, though.

Doug Webster and I are reminiscing about how we met and old concerts. We met through The Sonshine Inn in 2000 when he was promoting a Mike Knott concert there. I got curious about the exact date and started searching to find it. I came across an archive of a Geocities page by someone who apparently recorded the concert. The page was last updated in 2008, but it listed an email address so I sent a message to see if they still have the recordings.

(The concert was May 23, 2000, in case you were wondering.)

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G: "Oh, hey, we're out of foil." W: "Would you say we've been...foiled ag--" G: "NOPE I WOULD NOT SAY THAT."

Because that’s clearly what you say once you’re no longer out of foil.

Shark Tank + Shark Week = Shark Tank Week, where actual sharks pitch their business ideas.

Jesse: It’s “they’re” not “thy’er”

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Au bon pain /cc @planetvoss

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In case you were wondering why and were down for ages, the database had finally filled up the disk. I eventually willed myself out of entropy and wrote a cron job to delete entries older than a year (or more than 2000th in their feed, from e.g. twitter-atom) DELETE FROM entry USING ( SELECT id, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY feed_id ORDER BY retrieved DESC) AS row FROM entry ) AS numbered WHERE = AND (row > 2000 OR retrieved < CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '365 days');

Typical silos, deleting users’ stuff without warning! ;]

Weather in Portland is amazing today. High of 80 vs 102 yesterday. Let's schedule this type of weather for next year! #indieweb

Want to read: Testing 3

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So, um, I sang karaoke for the first time ever last night. I am as surprised as you. It was a private room so that made it a lot easier.

I sang Flight of the Conchords “Business Time” and Jimmy Eat World “Sweetness.” The latter was synced poorly so messed me up, unfortunately.