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I believe strongly that pastor Jeffress’ words here are anti-Christ:

Mark Salomon

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Dear you, who made a new @Stavesacreband album possible: it is time. Check your digital doorstep at 12pm All others…

Loving it! The Sia cover was unexpected and really good.

gRegor Morrill

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If you host audio on SoundCloud, better back it up: #indieweb

SoundCloud may be saved for now, but I still don't think the future looks good for it:

Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth on

@gRegorLove Where?

It's backers-only now, but pre-orders next week.

The new Stavesacre is here! The new Stavesacre is here!

If you host audio on SoundCloud, better back it up: #indieweb

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Haha. Dang, what part of this is me?

Ben Werdmuller

Ben Werdmuller on

It's fun to invent backstories for dogs. Obviously, there is Nigel Fluffington, who moonlights as a hard-nosed Attorney at Law.

*Attorney at Paw

EQOTW: Change your professional title to Bee Guru. Add it to your business cards while you’re at it.

Jared Pechacek

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And why are they saying it, Prince Charming? And is it uncomfortable to hear? Why is it uncomfortable to hear, Jacques Dudesteau?

Fantastic thread. Jacques Dudesteau was my favorite of these.

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki on

what did i do to deserve this kind of spam

You live in Portland. Aren’t tractors the next hip vehicle? :D

The Lo Tom album is fantastic:

@davidbazan @treymany @starflyer59 and @twwalsh in one band? Yes, please.