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I missha you too. I'm going to try to visit this summer.

@authorizenetdev I couldn't find a place to report this. The ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest API reference indicates the billTo can have a phoneNumber and faxNumber. This appears to be incorrect based on API error responses I'm receiving as well as the XSD.

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I haven't seen many people automating syndication to places like Yelp, Amazon, or Goodreads, but I've done it manually in the past. Some potential examples and help here:

There is for posting reviews to Goodreads, though I haven’t tried it myself.


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Check out the brand new show from RPN, The Love & Money Podcast! This week, we're joined by best-selling author @JonAcuff! The team answers your questions, resolves an actual couple's dispute, discusses pursuing your passion and a lot more!

I’d like to hear @EdwardorEddie do a Sam Elliott impression after that pretty good Dennis Quaid.

Dr. Thomas Ho sent me down the internet archive rabbit hole today when he tweeted that it is the 10th anniversary of the first Indianapolis Twitter meetup. I have been getting in the habit of archiving events on my site, so I started by searching my old tweets. I found the original (Yahoo, actually) event URL. Since they re-launched in recent years and archived old events, I was able to find that and set up my own event page.

Here are some other links related to the event, so I have them all in one place:

Dr. Thomas Ho's pictures of the event:

Douglas Karr's archived blog post about the event:

The silly Tweetup graphic I hacked together:

We were so young and Twitter was so much fun! Good times. Let me know if you have any other photos or information to add.


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This week, "A Wrinkle in Time" director Ava DuVernay (@ava) talks about the social significance of the new blockbuster, we look at the most important best picture winners in recent history and a lot more!

This was one of the Betta episodes.

sidewalk art reading 'love more than ever'

gRegorLove More Than Ever

@MsSwank Yesterday at church I got a coffee mug with hearts on it. I forgot to take a picture, but I thought, “it’s a Suzi mug.”

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I’m experimenting with a new post footer on my homepage.

I’ve launched this on both my homepage and article permalinks. I’m still working out where to include the next/previous post links, but I thought this was good enough of an improvement to launch it.

Below is a screenshot of what it looked like previously. Compare that with the new version.

screenshot of previous post footer

I’m experimenting with a new post footer on my homepage. I got some good feedback when someone wanted to comment from the homepage. They clicked follow my posts and were confused by the suggestions to subscribe with Feedly, Woodwind, etc. In this mockup I’ve added links directly to the responses and the form to leave a new response.

I also wanted to have a slightly larger photo and little blurb about me on the homepage. That let me remove a line from the published date + syndication links. I think it makes a better place for the follow my posts button as well.

One thing I’m still working through is the link to the previous post. I couldn’t find a good position for it, so removed it for this mockup. I think I would still like to find a place for it that looks good, but maybe it isn’t strictly necessary? The next+previous links will continue to appear on the permalink for each post, plus there is the Archives page.

Happy birthday, @indiana_mama! 30, eh? The ishkid is officially ishadult. :] <3

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I miss you people (yes, you people) and love you! ❤️❤️❤️

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Maybe I should do a mom vlog?

Do eet! More Sarah 5 videos.

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What is the least helpful webpage on the internet? This one:

Talk about limiting your market. Where do I create impactful gRegor documents?