Some great words from Imani Barbarin on disability:

How many people wear glasses? I see some hands. So you got some accessibility in your life. Don’t think that because your disability is accommodated, that you no longer have one.

We need to do more to come to terms with the way that disability plays a role in our life and recognize we’ve been taking the lead from disabled people the entire time. And it’s okay. It’s okay to understand your own vulnerability and the ways that the system has been weaponized against you. It’s okay to say that you need rest and restoration.

Whatever you do, I encourage you: please look at the disability angle. Even if you think it doesn’t impact you. I always say — when I’m being mean and sarcastic [laugh] — that the only thing separating me from you is luck and time.

Imani Barbarin from her talk “Who Belongs?” at the Othering & Belonging Conference

I recommend watching her whole talk.