gRegorLove little g big R


Welshmnky Welshmnky
“the end of this”

well if you cant hear it, you can atleast read it.


Thank you, Kyle. That means a lot. Seriously. The comment, and the fact that you commented. :]

Brooke Brooke
wow. you've never had a cell phone? how cool is that. what'd you get? and what, praytell, were your convictions regarding not owning one?

and you almost guessed right. He can be a financer to some degree, but that is not His only title ;)

gwyneth gwyneth you said you might, though...and that was back in october.

ron ron
hold on, I need to go outside for a minute...damn it! I thought Jesus had returned; I guess you getting a cell phone didn't precede the second coming ;-)

The Spheric1 The Spheric1
I'm still holding out!

Amy Amy
Gregor is leaving out an important factor of april the first.

... ...

ron ron
why did you delete the my second coming comment?

ron ron
nevermind...stupid computer

Brandon Brandon

marlo marlo
You *really* don't have a cell phone? You want to know something sick? I have two. (I know ...)

Too-Cute-For-Gregor Amy Too-Cute-For-Gregor Amy
Who would ever want a cardboard cut out of you?
If I were to take long walks with a cardboard cut out I would find a more suitable character for such things.

Good day


Amy Amy
and cell phones are yucky.

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