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Adventures in Healthcare

A Rant: Chapter 369

I was back at my cardiologist today for a routine device check and echocardiogram. I wore an N95 as usual.

Nurse: “Mr. Morrill, we’re ready for you *cough*

When I got in the room, the nurse checked my stats. Then two techs came in to check on my pacemaker. All were unmasked. I didn’t have the courage to ask them to wear a mask, even though I’ve had them put a request in my record that I’d like anyone in the room to be masked. One of them coughed while talking to me.

Then I was taken to another room for my echo. While we were walking there I kindly said, “Could I ask that you please wear a mask?” She initially said “We aren’t required to anymore,” which made me nervous... I have heard stories of people responding like that, but hadn’t experienced it myself. Thankfully, she continued, “it’s up to you, it’s fine if you want to keep it on.” So she had misunderstood me and wasn’t being a jerk after all. I clarified I was asking if she would. She seemed a bit surprised but obliged, “Oh, yes, I can if you’d like.” I said yes and thanked her. She came back in with a surgical mask on. Better than nothing and about the best I can expect these days.

When you get an echo, you’re laying on your side and they are sitting close beside you. As she got started with the process she said, “I actually like it when patients mask, not even because of covid so much, but because of bad breath. We sit so close to patients during this.” I kind of laughed it off and said something about how I’d definitely brushed my teeth, but internally I was definitely thinking WTF.

A bit later in the process she said “Something I just learned recently, since I wear N95s in the hospital, is it’s important to take breaks from them because of the buildup of air that you’re breathing in. It’s good to take it off and get some fresh air. I’m sure you’re not wearing them 24/7, but just so you know.” This is a common anti-masking talking point and is not true as far as I know. I don’t even remember how I reacted, probably just a verbal “Mm” and more internal screaming.

Look, even if you buy into “only the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are at risk from covid,” shouldn’t a cardiologist’s office be a place you mask up all of the time? The majority of your patients meet both of those criteria!

I forgot to bring my Aranet4 with me to get CO2 readings. I need to get in the habit of taking that more places.

I’m tired, y’all. 😫


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Close up of a bottle of Smirnoff vodka with a hand-written label covering it,

Re-upping this. I originally made it in 2013, but seems like it’s always relevant.


At work I’m setting up some documents for micro-credentials, which I call “MC” for short. I entered “MC Debugging” as the title of one without much thought, then realized that would probably be my DJ name.

Another great essay by Julia in Gauntlet News:

Emphasis from original.

“We are currently in a ‘lull’, but ‘lull’ is a relative term, and ‘low’ in 2024 isn’t the same as ‘low’ in 2020-2021. In 2021, shortly after vaccination, our summer low hit 12k cases a day. This year it’s never gone below 160k new cases a day- over 12 times higher than the low of three years ago.

Let’s bear in mind that in November 2021, nearly a year after the debut of the vaccines, when Dr. Fauci was asked when things could fully ‘go back to normal’ and mitigations like masks could be dropped, he projected that when new daily COVID cases were under 10k, we could expect to fully resume normal life. During the surge this winter, we had over one million new cases a day. Not only have we never for one day had under 10k new cases since Fauci made this prediction, we have never had under 100k new cases on any day since then.”

Gauntlet News, COVID lulls aren't being earned by policy; they're being bought with infections and deaths

I’m going through some old posts, cleaning up and adding links. Man, some of this right-libertarian stuff is embarrassing now. I’m (mostly) glad I have it as an archive, though. Things change and hopefully we keep learning.

Some great words from Imani Barbarin on disability:

How many people wear glasses? I see some hands. So you got some accessibility in your life. Don’t think that because your disability is accommodated, that you no longer have one.

We need to do more to come to terms with the way that disability plays a role in our life and recognize we’ve been taking the lead from disabled people the entire time. And it’s okay. It’s okay to understand your own vulnerability and the ways that the system has been weaponized against you. It’s okay to say that you need rest and restoration.

Whatever you do, I encourage you: please look at the disability angle. Even if you think it doesn’t impact you. I always say — when I’m being mean and sarcastic [laugh] — that the only thing separating me from you is luck and time.

Imani Barbarin from her talk “Who Belongs?” at the Othering & Belonging Conference

I recommend watching her whole talk.

Reposted jacky is looking for work:

I got let go from my current role. To say I saw it coming would be half true, but I was not expecting to be out in the blinds this soon. Open to a lot right now, more info at

SSWE familiar with TypeScript, Ruby and Python. Looking for a US-based role, open to relo.


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