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Hmm, I was thinking earlier today and realized that I neglected to backup the databases on my old web server, which means I won't be able to put up the previous entries. Doh. Sorry, I know you were so looking forward to reading them, weren't you? I guess this gives me a fresh start, anyway. Heh.

Today I went over to my dad's to work on my car (Sigmund). Sigmund needed a new ball joint on the front left, and a new tie rod end on the front right. So we fixed both those things, as well as got two new tires for the front, because they were wearing thin. Now all we have to do is get the exhaust fixed, he's pretty loud right now. Maybe I'll keep it that way, though, it makes him sound like a race car. Or something.

Tonight I'm heading up to Lafayette to watch some friends of mine play. 6 Points Crossing and The End Game. Both are really good, you should check them out.

Oh, and in other music news, to those who did not yet know, Brandtson has a new album out on deep elm records, so go get it. Oh, and I don't have it yet, so if you wanna be nice you could get me a copy too. ;-)

More later, kids. Before today, it'd been about a month since I made any posts due to various circumstances, so I still have things I want to write about, like my birthday and the holidays and all that fun stuff. Stay tuned.

Love, peace, and grease,

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