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The show last night was pretty good, except I was pretty tired and not "into" the music very much. I love the music, I just wasn't much in concert-mode last night I guess, probably because I was really tired. But I had fun hanging out with friends and such. The venue was pretty cool, it was two stories and the second story was like a big balcony so you could look down on the stage and the bands. It was small, though, so very loud.

Had some good God time this morning at church. The worship time was really good, and we had some missionaries from our church visiting who hadn't been here since like 2000. They're missionaries to the UK and they were telling us about the area they live in, the history of it and the things that have come from there, as well as the spiritual needs there. It was cool, kinda gives you something more realistic to pray about, instead of just reading words in the church newsletter, ya know? "Bereavement", "Blackmail" and "not giving them the time of day" all originated from the area that they live in. They live in Carlisle, which is right on the border between Scotland and England. It's been a pretty chaotic place over history, the territory going back and forth between England and Scotland. Apparently the rivalry and disdain was so bad that when they build a clock tower in Carlisle, the English put faces on the E, W, and S side of the tower, but left the N side w/o a clock on it, hence not giving the Scots the time of day. Interesting, eh? I didn't know that. Ya learn something new each day.

Now I'm delaying studying for my history test that I have tomorrrow, by writing this instead. I don't like this history class, not yet at least. Hopefully the test won't be too bad, though. I guess I should really go study for that, even though I don't want to. At least I'll have a break about 5:30 when I'm going to Common Ground, a church here in Indy that's really cool. I went last week, it's oriented towards young adults and such, and the worship was really great. So yeah, I really should go study. Heh. Later kids.

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