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What do you think of my new webLog format? I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it this exact way, at least with the color scheme. Pastels are fun, but the new design/scheme I'm working on isn't really in pastels, so I know at least that will change, but I think I'm going to keep the posting left to right. Top to bottom web pages are so 20th century. I mean, hello, we're in the 21st century now. Seriously though, I like the concept of scrolling left to right, gives more of a timeline sorta feel. You can always send feedback to gregor at crystalcore dot net.

I got to hear Tommy Tenney tonight. He's the author of The God Chasers, among other books. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. He gave an excellent sermon tonight, perhaps one of the best ones I've heard. He was talking about worship and hospitality, passion and compassion, and how each is important to it's partner. For worship, he gave this great analogy that is the focus of his brand-new book God's Eye View. He has a four year old daughter, and he was talking about how little kid's perspective on things can be, like say.. in an elevator. If you get in at the 10th floor, soon the elevator will have several people in it. And to the child, they all seem really big, and at their eye level they're seeing belly buttons, belts, and rear ends. It won't be too long, he said, till the child puts their arms up, saying "pick me up Daddy." Then when you pick the child up, they can see at your level, and things are much better and in perspective. This, he said, is what worship is. We're down here, amidst these giants, giant problems, etc. and we hold our arms up and go "pick me up Daddy, let me see things from your perspective." Such a simple analogy, huh? But so very true, and cool. He expounded on this by tellling how his daughter reacted when she was on an airplane and realized they were going up in the air.. she looked down and saw "widdle people, and widdle houses". Despite father's attempt to explain they were the same size, it was just perspective, the daughter insisted "no, widdle people, widdle houses." And how true is this of us, when we get up so high in the heavens and see God's perspective, we can look down and say, "Look Daddy, widdle devils." Our problems and devils in our life seem so huge from our perspective, but not in God's eyes. Wow. Yeah, we had some church tonight.

This was only a small aspect of his sermon. Maybe I'll post more about it later, if you're interested. Let me know. I should definitely get a tape of that sermon though, if possible.

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