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Hey everyone, I just thought I should say this, just as a little disclaimer. That info I posted about the tax stuff, the questions and stuff, as well as anything else I may post on here about my findings on the topic, are not legal advice. Nor will I give out legal advice. Really, I'm nowhere near knowing enough to give legal advice anyway, but even if I was I would not give it out.

Basically what I'm in the process of doing is educating myself by researching other people's stories and US Code. There's actually a lot of sites out there full of info. I'll give you some links, in case you're interested.

Life w/o Numbers

Inform America

We the People



Save-a-Patriot Fellowship

U.S. Code (Acts of Congress)


and I know there are more, but I cannot think of any offhand. These should be plenty to get you started. I don't think I've even exhausted these pages yet, and I've been researching for a month or so now. I just hadn't really come out and told anyone till recently.

It's late and I must get some sleep. But in the meantime, as the New Hampshire state motto says:

Live free or die!

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