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Been a busy week, kids, haven't had much time to sit down and post, or even just to think about what TO post. Mostly just school stuff keeping me busy, so nothing overly exciting there. I think I pretty much have the website re-design complete, as far as what I want it to look like. Now I just have to put all the content in. Trust me, it is going to rock your socks off.

I'm listening to this band Boy Eats Drum Machine on right now, they're pretty good. They're indie-rock/electronic, so if you dig that sort of stuff, go check them out. I especially like the first song, providence.

Looks like I might get one of those 'letters to ed' printed, Nuvo called to confirm authenticity. I'm pretty sure that means they want to print it. I called back and left the chick a voice mail message. She hasn't called me back, so I presume that's all they needed, to hear I was real. I'll probably call again to find out when it will be in print, but I'm pretty sure it's next Wednesday. I wrote another 'letter to ed', this time to the IUPUI school paper, in response to a staff editorial. The editorial was about the Bush Administration's change of the term “fetus” to “an unborn child” for some insurance/health legal stuff. Apparently this staff member is all up in a bunch because he/she thinks it's a hidden agenda against abortion, by re-characterizing the fetus as a “living human being.”

Well duh, hello, welcome back to reality! It IS a living human being, no matter how the government classifies it. Anyway, there were semantics and just general illogical things said in this editorial, so I wrote a letter to the editor expressing my view on the topic. I'll post it here shortly. I think I might actually put up a special section for stuff like that, as well as a section to document my dealings with the SSA, IRS, and other government extortionists - er, I mean bureaucrats! :) Heh heh.

I don't really know why it seems all of a sudden that I've become more active, ya know, writing letters to ed, even letters to government officials even.. I guess it's just that I've been educating myself and have come to a point where I know I have to take action. It's pretty cool though, I mean I feel like I'm actually doing what I can to have my voice heard, not just sitting back and complaining like 99% of the population seems to do.

I've felt lately like I'd like to try writing a story or something, just for fun. The thing is I don't really have any ideas. I'll post it on my site somewhere if I ever do.

(Oh, and Happy Third Day of the Chinese New Year)

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