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Woo hoo!

I just got off the phone with Lisa from NUVO, and she did get my message confirming authorship of my 'letter to ed' (see my post dated 02.01.2002), and she said it's going to be in print on Wednesday February 20th, 2002. I'm kinda excited, this being the first time I've ever been published - well, a letter to the editor at least. First 'letter to ed' I've ever written, nonetheless.

When I was a widdle kid (well, that's relative) I had a drawing of mine published in Highlights for Children. Remember that “magazine”? I got that as a kid and really enjoyed it. I drew a fire truck.

Oh yeah, bet you didn't know you were reading the postings of an up-and-coming artiste!

That's because you're not.

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Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
Oh my gosh. I loved Highlights magazine! The dentist I went to when I was growing up had a massive stack of those in this little children's room off the main office. My brother would play with the sweet train set while I read through every edition I could get my hands on. Good times...

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