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Today was a kinda fun day. Sigmund, my car, has had some exhaust problems with the front end. A welded joint in the exhaust had rusted and broken, so it was really LOUD. So today I finally got over to my dads and we replaced the necessary parts. I say "we" but really I mostly mean my dad. He's the automotive fixer-upper. I basically just do whatever he asks me to, or hand him tools he needs. Usually I don't end up doing much. Dad's great, I'm lucky to have him nearby, otherwise I'd probably be in heap big debt with miscellaneous automotive fixes.

That took a couple hours, then we hung out and played video games on his PS1. Gex: Enter the Gecko, Die Hard 1, and Time Crisis. Fun times. It was fun to hang out, we don't get to do that too often, since I'm usually pretty busy with school and work and life in general.

Oh yeah, I'm officially on SPRING BREAK now. Not like I have any big plans for it, though. Just working my regular hours (I think; might try to get some more) and relaxing in general. I might try to look for a new job, too (Hope CLN isn't reading this; yeah right).

That's about all for today, folks. My musical recommendation for you today is The Echoing Green. They're one of my absolute favorite bands, great electronica and synthpop. Or as Joey dubs it, "aggressive smile pop at it's finest". They have Mp3's on their site(imagine that).

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