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"Long time, no siege."

So about the middle of December 2000 I applied for and got my current job. It's an interesting job situation. See, I was hired as a "lab tech", which basically means I open the classroom, turn on all the computers, make sure everything is working OK, sit through the class, then shut it all down afterwards. When I first started, though, they didn't have any classes for me to work in, so they gave me some part-time hours in the call center for the first few weeks. I thought the call center hours would be temporary, but considering they didn't have enough lab tech hours for me, and they could use the call center help, they let me stay in the call center PT, which was fine with me. I still get paid the same rate as a lab tech, for working in the call center.

Well today I found out, apparently Cheryl the payroll lady (who hates me) "didn't know" that I was hired on originally as a lab tech. She just thought I worked in the call center. Apparently all this time I've been filing one timesheet, with one account number, when I should have been filing separate time sheets with separate account numbers. It gets better. Not just separate time sheets for lab and call center, but even depending what type of class I'm sitting in on in lab, there needs to be separate timesheets. There are 2 types, T classes, and L classes. This means on any given week I might have to file 3 time sheets.

Oh, and I occasionally work at their Glendale location as a computer consultant, just fixing minor problems. That too has it's own account. Tally: 4 time sheets a week.

Now, this in itself didn't really bother me too much. Yeah, it's a pain in the butt to fill out 4 time sheets a week, but that extra half hour it would take to fill them all out.. well of course I'd do that on the clock, so I'd still be getting paid. :]

But no, no. You see, apparently I need to go back through my time sheets since last July (beginning of the fiscal year) and figure out how many hours I worked call center, T-class labs, L-class labs, and Glendale. This way they can make sure each account is credited/charged properly. Apparently all of this time I've just been paid out of the call center account.

So yeah, that's it basically. Why am I really ticked off? This is not my fault. I think Cheryl (who hates me) should go through the paperwork herself and tally up the hours.

I really just wish they would get on the ball and get me transfered to Glendale where I would have more consistent hours (I'm not getting enough currently) and where I could only file one time sheet a week, and I could fax it in without having to give it directly to Cheryl (did I mention she hates me?). If that does not happen, I'm thinking it might be new job time.

Well, at least I'm off the clock now, so I can get away from here and stop thinking about all this time sheet junk.

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