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I don't know if you're like me, but I don't usually watch TV. Most of it is all crap nowadays. I was reassured of this recently when I found out about the show "The Bachelor." Have you heard about this show, or seen it? I had the (mis)fortune of seeing it.

For those who don't know, the basic premise is there is this single guy, and 16 single ladies. He has six weeks to pick one - and we're not just talking "pick one" as in "I'd like to get to know you better, let's go out", but "let's get married." Yeah, yikes. And of course, following suit of the reality-tv-money-whore-industry, each week the bachelor has to cut down on the number of girls by "voting them off the island." Of course it's not as "harsh" as that, or at least that's what they want you to think while watching it. Sound like it's exploiting women? Yeah, I'd agree, but the knee-jerk reaction by the show and the media is that "well, really the women have the control, because they can leave anytime they want." In other words, when he asks if they'll take the rose, they can say "no" and be done with the show. (that's how he asks if they'll keep going on in the show; those who don't get roses are the ones that get the boot).

Now I know these women weren't forced to do this show, so in that regard I don't have much pity for them. But give me a break, it is pretty exploiting I think. The guy seems to be a really nice, gentlemanly type of guy, and basically the show follows him getting to know all these girls better, and "fall" in love with them. Then he has the difficult decision of telling some of them each week they don't get to go on in the show. Hey, that's showbiz.

In the episode I saw tonight, he had to winnow it down from 8 women to 4. They talked with some of the women, and the ones who didn't make it.. some of them seemed really hurt. I mean, yes, it's only been a couple weeks so I doubt any are really "in love", they put themselves into this situation knowing the possibility, but still.. doesn't it seem a bit odd that in real life a guy dating 4 or 8 women at once is basically a schmuck (player, or whatever you want to call him), but put it to a TV show, and have him pick one to marry in 6 weeks.. and suddenly it's quality entertainment! Barf.

Television, reaching all new lows every day!

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