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Free gas

Last night something cool happened. I was going to the gas station and then the grocery store. I was a bit shocked at the gas price at first:

“$1.41 for regular?!”

Then I remembered, this weekend is qualifications for the Indy 500, so everyone's jacking up their prices, as normal. Ah well. So I drive up and start pumping gas. It stops pumping at about 8 gallons, which is odd because it's a ten gallon tank and nearly empty. I tried to start pumping again, but got nothing. Hmm, odd.

“Oh well,” I figure, “it was too expensive anyway, I'll get more when it's cheaper.”

So I go in to pay for the gas, and the lady asked how much I had. I told her $12.00 (which it was). She was like, “Oh, you want $12?” to which I replied, “Uh.. no, I pumped $12” She said she couldn't get it to pull up anything on my pump. “Guess you got some free gas,” she said. Then I realized that someone had probably prepaid and forgotten to pump the gas. That would explain why it cutoff exactly at $12 and wouldn't let me pump anymore. So yeah, I got some free gas. That was a nice little blessing. :-]

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dawn dawn
That has never happened to would be cool.
Last week I went to the gas station at 1am and a homeless lady asked me to buy her a soda. I consented but when we got up to the counter she had a 24pk of sprite.....I paid for it anyway. It was 5 bucks. But she could probably write the story on her site if she had one and it would be as cool as your story.

sarah(5) sarah(5)
blessings are the best!

you need to post something

Japes Japes
Move to Canadia. You never have to worry about such ridiculous prices. 64 cents is all you ever pay, though it's for a litre (a quart for all those uneducated ex-minions of the Clinton legislature), so it works out about the same...but you can PRETEND it's cheaper! ;)

Or you can move to South Africa where it's R4.60 for a litre, which might be cheaper, seeing as you get R11 for a buck US. But, then, the plane ticket and car will cost you a couple grand. lol.

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
Wow. Those were the days. I kinda wish gas was that cheap now...

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