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To Denver on a Jet Plane, Part III

Saturday morning I had to leave at about 8AM in order to get to the airport on time. Paul's dad, Wayne, took me and I found out he's quite an interesting guy. It was about an hour long drive to the airport, and he told me all sorts of cool stories. He's one of those lifelong learning guys, I don't remember how many degrees he has, but it was several. He's in ministry and has met some cool people and has some cool stories. For example, I don't remember the name of the guy he was telling me, but he knows this missionary that has met Yassir Arafat twice and prayed with him. He also gave Arafat a New Testament which apparently he keeps in his pocket most all the time - you can see it in his pocket if you ever see him on TV. That's pretty rad, what an opportunity. So I had a good time talking with him on the ride to the airport.

At Denver I had no problem getting on the flight to Chicago Midway. Again, I got pulled aside for random security check at the gate, including searching my bag and running that magnetic wand all over, patting down my legs, etc. I found it humorous, because they ask you before they do these things. “May we search your bag?” Well what am I going to say, if I say no they aren't going to let me on the plane probably.

In Chicago, I walked the mile or so to the other end of the concourse for my connecting flight to Indy. Again, this was a small flight, a 32-seater, and hard to get on standby. When I got to the counter, it didn't sound promising. 30 had checked in and there were 3 employees listed on standby already. So I figured I would have to try the next flight, and if that didn't work... then rent a car and drive back to Indy.

Well, wonder of wonders, they called my name to board. Apparently 2 of the people listed ahead of me were a couple, and they did not want to split up, so they decided to wait for the next flight. So I got on my desired flight. Woo hoo! That's a major blessing, as it's not uncommon to be bumped from these flights. I got stuck in Chicago till really late one night because of that.

So I made it home successfully that afternoon. It was quite a whirlwind weekend, it went by really quick, but I enjoyed it.

Ok, so maybe making this a trilogy was a bad idea; I'm not very good at telling stories, but maybe for some reason you found it interesting anyway.

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HI G-love, it's me, the girl whose apprentice is now darth monk. i just want to let you know that I fully sudduced and suckered him into this relationship (not to mention got him sloppy drunk). But he sobered up and is pretty happy with his situation... except when i haul off and beat him for something stupid- he does that pretty often. love, Sarah (princess)

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