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Hey everyone, welcome to my new weblog. I found this really nice PHP script that automates the weblogging process and has cool features such as it's own built in commenting and rating system. It sure beats the old manual weblogging. No more relying on half-using xanga for comments and such, too. The script is called Nucleus in case any of you geeks out there were interested in running it. This layout is pretty much the default skin that it came with, so be expecting changes over time as I tweak it and make it “mine”.

In other news, THE SPRING SEMESTER IS FINALLY OVER! Praise God! It feels so good to be done, it was a rough semester for me. Here's what the grades look like so far..

  • Multivariate Calculus: C-
  • History (Western Civ): B-
  • Geology: don't know yet, expecting a B+ or an A
  • Geology lab: A-
  • System Programming: who cares?! :-]

I'm just glad I didn't get a D or something in Calculus. Oy.

That's about all for today, gang. Before you go, be sure to check out one of the funniest sites I have come across in a while, Redneck Neighbor.

You will laugh. You will cry. You will visit my weblog again. :-]

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who cares? I do! what did you get?

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