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Ya know, one of the things that I think is really cool about Indianapolis is the canal. We have this really nice canal right downtown, and it's a good place to go to relax and reflect. Since it's below the level of the city, it usually isn't too loud or anything either. If it weren't for the skyscrapers nearby, you might not even realize you're downtown.

I have found it is one of my favorite places to go to spend time with God. It's beautiful and quiet, and it's something other than what I'm used to seeing all the time.. such as my bedroom. It always seems easier to focus when I'm at the canal than if I'm somewhere like home. At home I get an onslaught of miscellaneous thoughts and am easily distracted.

Anyway, so I was there the other night, sitting, looking at that fountain right there actually.. just thinking about all the spiritual analogies to fountains. I know we have probably all heard of them, but it really struck me. Seeing such a volume of water being shot straight up so powerfully and continually.. I just thought how that is what I want GOD to be like in my life.. I want Him to be a fountain in me, so my life just gushes Him and His love. Most of the time it's just a trickle, sadly. I don't know, it's hard to explain, but it just really struck me.. and I thought it was really cool how God showed me something like that just through a water fountain. So I just sat watching the water fountain for a while, thinking about that and talking to God about it.

There were some guys nearby skateboarding along the canal. They were coming closer. They went past me and one of the guys was friendly and said “hey, how's it going?” so I replied “pretty good; how about you?” to which he said “cool.” I remained in deep thought, and I guess it must have shown because as they came by again, this time they were leaving I think.. the same guy said “don't think about it so much, and it will be alright.” Then he asked “Is everything alright?” Things were fine, of course, so I told him so. He introduced himself and shook my hand.. he did one of those complicated handshake things you might expect a skateboarder to do. I tried to follow along, but failed. Heh heh. His name is “Az” (well, I presume that's the spelling. Pronounced “as”). So I introduced myself, and that was about it. He then basically said “take it easy, gRegor” and they went on their merry way. Now of course this guy didn't know who I was or what I was thinking, but I just thought it was kinda cool that he was so friendly and outgoing.

How often do I ask someone I don't even know if everything is OK if they look deep in thought or even distressed? I just felt like I should pray for him after he left, so I prayed a quick prayer for him, just that God would overflow him with His love and be with him wherever he was going. I wonder if I'll ever run into him again, at the canal or elsewhere. I think it would be pretty cool if I did. So I guess God showed me two things that night, the water fountain lesson, and the Az lesson. :-]

I have been getting into Delirious? lately, and I just found out some doubly cool news from looking at their website. 1) They're going on a US tour and stopping right here at Indy in June, and 2) ALL STAR UNITED is on the same tour. I thought I had heard some rumors of them reforming, and I'm very happy to discover that is true; they are one of my favorite bands. That will be a show not to miss!


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I like kids like Az. . . .and I like Indianapolis- cause that's where my dad is from. . .nice town ..

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