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Cora, and anyone else who apparently does care:

Well first of all, I didn't have my grade to post yet for my Systems Programming class. Now I do. Second, the class was horrible. That teacher should not teach. I could have learned the same amount by just reading the book in my spare time; in fact I might have learned more that way (ouch). The guy was foreign, did not speak English very well, and basically just read off of his slides, which sometimes he did not even remember what the things on his slides meant! Add on top of all that the fact that it's Assembly code, something he even told us at the beginning of the class we probably would never use unless we went into a very specific field of Computer Science (a field I have now decided to avoid like the plague).

All of that is just to say, I got a C+ in Systems Programming. I'm content with that.

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The Nate The Nate
Greetings, props on the layout here baby. Keep truckin.

super zoom girl super zoom girl
congratulations on making it through yet another IUPUI class taught by someone who has no idea wha they are doing. i've been through the same thing. makes you wonder... am i really PAYING for this?

ps. you need to check something with you site on internet explorer. when i view your page your left column (with the little nuclear thingy and stuff) is placed right on top of what i want to read... when i click to write a comment though everything on your page goes where it is supposed too. maybe it's just me!

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