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Me and my applicants

This is a picture from Cornerstone, with my friends cora_lynn and shroomgirl. This was the first time I got to meet Cora in person, so that was fun. As for the title, both these ladies have applied at one time or another to be my wife. If you've never seen my website (when it was up) previously, you'll have to wait till it's back up and running to fully understand. Cora gave me a hard time for not having it up currently; gotta keep the fans happy. It should be back up soon, really!

I also got to meet TheTimeHasCome (Nate) and sunnygirl (Dawn). Dawn and Cora are “lifers” at TM, and Nate is an intern that's graduating in about 4 weeks. I'm actually working with him on a website that should be pretty rad; stay tuned.

I have some new favorite bands as a result of Cornerstone. First, Moss Eisley was highly recommended by Cora, so I went to see them rock out the New Band Showcase.. and rock it they did. Wow. This band consists of 3 sisters, 1 brother, and 1 other dude. They're very talented and very cool people. Check them out.

The Violet Burning was a band I'd already heard of, and own a CD of, but I had not seen them live yet. Michael Pritzl, the lead singer, led the midnight worship at the beach on Tuesday night and it was awesome. He had some worship songs that were new to me, but I really enjoyed them. It was a great time of worship with hundreds of other Christians... from all over the country and world. It was just awesome - a little taste of what heaven will be like, I imagine. I didn't realize at the time, but the new songs I didn't recognize were actually songs he had written, and had on a worship album. When I found that out, I snatched up The Violet Burning's worship album.. it's now one of my favorite albums. Later in the week I got to see The Violets play a set, and I loved that as well. Check out both these bands.

Speaking of which, we've booked TVB to play at my church August 11. I made this flyer last night.. let me know what you think. (you can click the images to make them larger).

Well, that's about all for me this week. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for Arkansas for my cousin's wedding. I'll be returning on Sunday. What's with everyone gettin' hitched lately?

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Nate Nate
Truly, anything with JE is amazing...rock the show

shroomgirl shroomgirl
Once again, yours is the site right after mine in yet another blogring. It was the one after mine in the UFD blogring too, until you left it.

also not nate 3000 also not nate 3000
“What's that tape on your nose for?”


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