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Don't you love Corporate Bureaucracy?

Well, the verdict is in:

They don't give back pay. At the time they arranged for me to work at the Glendale location, my manager (for the lab tech position) told me I would be paid the same rate. I guess the manager at Glendale, though, wasn't informed of this, so he didn't know.

It sucks, and seems a stupid rule. Of course they can give back pay, they're just too lazy or too tight to do so. But I'm not ready to make a fuss enough to lose my job [per toga's suggestion :)] over it (or quit). At least I'll be getting some more money each week now.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Yeah... if they've already said no to back pay, I wouldn't press the issue. Might just make things worse.

I was never seriously considering making a fuss.. it was a joke. I don't think it's something I could lose my job over anyway.

Sheryl Sheryl
oh, I'm sure you wouldn't. But it probably wouldn't do any good, either.

Sheryl Sheryl
Is there a way to go back and read your previous posts on here? Like it's just going back to Aug 14, and I don't see any way to go back farther. Or am I just missing something?

bryan bryan
any idea what the pay would end up being (after taxes)? just wondering what we're talking about here.

Nate Nate
I think we should make our own money, like...go mine for it or something...i think

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