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Alright, I think it's safe. Monkey Man, a.k.a. Jeeves has left the country. He's gone to Honduras to terrorize the natives there. If you're reading this from Honduras - run for your life!

So let's see what's new. I'm happy to announce a new site I've created: Go check it out and get involved.

Last Sunday we had a concert at my church, one I was very happy to be able to help bring to Indy. The Violet Burning came and rocked it, as well as Joy Electric with his electronic punk-rock. Pittsburgh, PA natives Owensring (have you heard of them, Cora?) pleased the audience with some indie-rock, and local rockers The End Game filled the room with their typical insane energy. It was a blast. I'll have some pictures up soon.

Everyone in all the bands was super nice and cool, and it was just a great show. The Violet Burning is one of my (new) favorite bands; Michael Pritzl their singer is just so real and down-to-earth... and really seems to live out his faith. Plus, he writes some amazing music and worship songs.

For all you xanga-heads out there, that link below each post that says “show some love” is sorta like eProps. So click it once in a while if you like my posts, or just if you like me. :-]

I'm writing a poem.

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just because

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Sorry, I've been kinda 'gone' lately. I have not heard of that Pittsburgh band. I never really was into the music scene until my second year in Texas. How were they?

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