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I am so gonna get fired. *sigh*

Must be at work by 8am, or at the latest, 8:30am (when the class starts).

Set alarms for 7am (loud music) and 7:15am (regular loud alarm).

Double check alarms to make sure they're right, check to make sure CD is really loud.

Wake up at 8:30am.

Geez... I don't know what the heck happened. I'm pretty sure my alarms never went off, but it doesn't really matter since it's no excuse and I'm ultimately responsible; I know that. Similar thing happened last week (music alarm was set to pm, not am). Yeah, so I was half an hour late to work last week too.

I won't be surprised if I lose my job. Moron.


I'm not fired, though they're cancelling my Saturday hours and only allowing me to work some evening lab hours, probationally. “Good” news, relatively. It still sucks because I'm no longer “reliable”. I know why, too, it's my own fault. I just hate being seen as unreliable. *sigh*

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I doubt you'll lose your job. They might talk to you about it, but you've worked there for a while now and you're a good employee. Don't stress. *hug*

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