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Man.. I dunno. Tell me what you think:

I work at my campus in the Continued Education Dept. I work in several facets here, sometimes in the call center, sometimes as a lab tech, sometimes at one of their distance locations. Being a large university, each of these sub-departments has it's own payroll account that we have to put on the timesheets, so the proper accounts get debited, etc.

I was hired as a lab tech at $X/hour. I was told I would get paid the same for these additional sub-departments that I work for sometimes. Last week I received an email from the Payroll Department notifying me of an hourly rate increase. She listed each account # and then the rate.

The rate listed for Glendale was $1 less than what my rate currently was. "Whoa, hold up the chuck wagon." I thought. So I emailed them back asking what was up. They talked with my managers and today one of them got back to me.

Apparently I was getting paid at that lower rate for my Glendale hours all this time, but as of September 1st they're going to fix it so they'll all be the same.

So my question is.. considering I was told I would be paid the same.. shouldn't I receive some extra back pay? i.e. that extra $1 an hour that I haven't been getting for the many months I've been working at Glendale?

It amazes me that stuff like this can happen, especially when our timesheets have us write down our hourly rate. Did payroll not notice I continually put down a rate higher than they were paying me, or did they just choose to ignore it?

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Life's motto seems to be "Just go with the flow."

toga toga
my 'pinion is you should get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (is it that many $$'s?)

make a fuss! make a fuss! get fired! then get a new, better job!


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