gRegorLove little g big R


Sheryl Sheryl
That makes me think of one of my classes this morning and the people in there that couldn't quite grasp the concept of converting hexadecimal numbers to decimal. "So then what is G?" :P

Sheryl Sheryl
2 Questions:

1) Did you go to the computer lab after your 2:30 class?

2) Did you know that your "show some love" link isn't working? (at least not in Opera)

Yes, and well.. yes, now I do. Thanks for pointing it out. :-]

Sheryl Sheryl
Goober. I tried to find you. I should've known to look in the computer lab, duh. :P

cora_lynn cora_lynn
Oh my gosh! I want that shirt! I have to have that shirt. Well, more so for a friend that has awesome techie shirts like that. Where did you find it?

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