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bryan bryan
wow an entire mile. are you okay?
*wry smile from excercise geek* ;)

Well considering that 3 weeks ago I wasn't in shape at all, I think it's a good accomplishment to now be up to running a mile. Let me guess, you run 10 miles a day or something? :-]

bryan bryan
no. i'm very sorry. that last comment has been bothering me ALL day. i hadn't read your backlog when i typed it. i thought it was a joke. i didn't mean to deride you at all. no, i don't run daily actually. i'm more into lifting. i lift about 4-5 hours a week, i guess, 3 or 4 days. i run usually once, possibly twice, becuz i think it's important to keep up cardio-vascular fitness a little bit. usually it's 2 or 3 miles a week, something like that. i didn't mean to give the impression that i did it a lot or any sort of feeling of superiority, though i know that's how it looks. sorry, gregor. it was kind of a jerky thing to say.
*repentent pout from insensitive geek*
do you forgive me?

No worries, I wasn't offended or anything. I figured you were just joking around or something. Forgiven.

bryan bryan
thank you. whew. :)

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