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Interesting article. At first... I agreed with the guy, but also thought about the ID regulation to be protection against terrorism. But then again, he's right: "If we knew who the terrorists were, we could just arrest them all, rather than stopping them when they try to fly." And the fact that they couldn't show him something in writing... that's just wrong. I hope he gets somewhere w/ his lawsuit. It seems like the more and more I find out, it seems like "Big Brother" is just getting more and more out of control.

yup.. when you really think about it, ID isn't going to stop terrorism at all. Not to mention there are existing regulations that lay out the procedure if someone doesn't show identification:

1) Mark their ticket and their baggage with an orange sticker
2) Only when the ticketholder checks in at the gate and boards the plane do they load their baggage (matching the ticket & sticker with the baggage).

This removes the possibility of someone getting a bomb on a plane w/o boarding it themselves.

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