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Saxon Shore

In a weird way, this song I'm listening to right now describes perfectly how I feel currently. It's strange, I mean I identify with songs sometimes, but they don't usually describe my feelings at the time as precisely as this one does. To make it weirder, this song has no words, heh. It's this instrumental band I recently found out about, Saxon Shore. I won't even bother trying to describe how I feel, because words wouldn't do it justice. I recommend you check them out, you might enjoy them. There are 2 Mp3s on their site, and the one I'm listening to the band sent me directly. I discovered them when they emailed me about booking a show for Indy on their upcoming tour. I'm going to try my best to get them a show. (shouldn't be difficult)

Another post coming in the morning; one which I wrote several days ago, but the server was down. The file is at work, so I have to wait till tomorrow to post it.

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