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Stupid Customers

You'd think if you wanted to take the LSAT you would at least figure out when it's offered, etc. We offer an LSAT: Prep for Test-Taking course, and this customer was asking me when the actual LSAT is offered. How should I know?? I'm a nice guy so I went to the trouble of finding out for her online (it was incredibly easy). Then she asks me questions about it "Are those the only dates it's offered?" Again, how should I know? I'm just reading the information from their website, and I've never taken the LSAT. You want to take it, you should figure this information out yourself.

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gwyneth gwyneth
i SO feel you. i get similar such questions at my job. today i gave this lady information about a nearby church. she's lucky i knew as much as i when i got to the pt where i didn't know any more answers, and i told her that, she didn't really get it and kept asking. i wasl ike, "i really don't know!" i just gave you the phone number. you call!

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