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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

This weekend was fun, but fast. Saturday morning I participated in the Walk for Life, which is a fundraiser for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. After that, I headed home to pack up some stuff for overnight, and hit the road to Mishawaka, IN to visit a couple friends I know there.

The drive up there was fine for the most part, except I must say that Mapquest is officially stupid in my book. I copied the text directions into my Handspring Visor, and when I got up near South Bend/Mishawaka and take a look at them, one step says to stay LEFT at the fork in an exit ramp, the very next step says to stay RIGHT at the fork in the same exit ramp. The directions only got more screwy from then on. I finally figured it out, but after all the traffic and turning around, I was about an hour later than expected. Ah well.

So I went to gwyn's apartment and Kyle came over too. It was nice to see these two since I hadn't seen them in years. And I mostly know gwyn just from chatting online or reading her weblog, so it was nice to hang out in person for a change. Jalina came over as well, and gwyn made us some really good quesadillas for dinner. Then we went over to Jalina's place and watched Rat Race, which is hilarious and you should see it if you haven't yet. After that we hung out a bit, talked, told dumb jokes - it was fun. Then I went back to campus with Kyle and stayed on the couch in his dorm room. Saturday went quick.

Sunday I went with Kyle to his church, which was very cool. It was a really good sermon in a series on marriage, about communication. His parents had come to visit, so they were at church with us and took us out to lunch afterwards, which was very nice considering I'd just met these folks. Meeting them, I can easily see where Kyle gets his weirdness from. After that we hung out in Kyle's dorm for a little while, and then it was time for me to hit the road again.

It was a good trip, I had fun; though I'd rather go for a bit longer period next time. Or perhaps those guys can come visit me in Indy sometime. *hint* :-]

gwyn, I hope you realize the extra effort I took to make sure I used lowercase for your name. That's if you're even reading this. (She's too good to read my weblog or something)

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Sheryl Sheryl
You should make the words "Crisis Pregnancy Center" a green link too:

"There, happy? :P"

gwyneth gwyneth
here ya go, that you've got your log working properly, i can comment. pfthththt. and yes, i do make good quesadillas, don't i ?
my car is not dependable enough to drive 3 hrs. lo siento mucho.

bryan bryan
i understand the car thing. i usually just go anyway and trust god. my mom and half my friends think i'm an idiot for thinking like this. las quesadillas son estupendo. pero, hay muchas comidas mejicanas y espanol que me gusta mas. pienso mi espanol es correcto aqui. just showing off a little, but in actuality, i'm probably just showing how bad i am. so why the lowercase thing? is she into that or something? i mean i've always sort of liked it, but i'm not married to the concept.

It's a joke more than anything, everytime she spells my name with a capital R, she makes some comment like "hope you realize the effort I made to capitalize that", since she normally types in all lower-case. I think she's just lazy or something. ;-]

bryan bryan
oh, gotchya. why do you do the capital R?

I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. ;-] Heh heh. It's a really long story, actually. Sometime soon.

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