gRegorLove little g big R


Sheryl Sheryl
That's right. Musta been me, cuz I haven't seen all three. Speaking of movies... someone at work recommended "The Man With Two Brains", an old '80s movie that he said was really funny. Ever seen it?

Woohoo, I'm the first nut! :-D

cora_lynn cora_lynn
I can't believe you haven't seen all three! I was raised by those movies, well by a family that owned all three of those movies. They are awesome.

bryan bryan
wow none of them? i really only like the 1st one though
the 2nd was prettymuch an infomercial for the 3rd and i was just dissatisfied with the way the third ended. it just seemed a little too i dunno, quaint i guess. i mean i wasn't very critical of movies at that age, but somehow it even seemed too not-real then.

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