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Two Week Wrap-up

Well yesterday wraps up the first two weeks of classes. So far they seem to be going well and I'm enjoying them for the most part. Here's the rundown:

Statistics 311 - Pretty straightforward, the professor sticks to the book pretty closely.

Linear Algebra 511 - Yes, that's right - 511. It's actually considered a graduate level class, but is required for Comp. Sci undergrads. Hasn't been too hard yet, just doing matrices and such. The teacher for this class is a riot; very fun. Which is always a +

Discrete Computational Structures 340 - Logic, sets, discrete math as used in computational structures. Hasn't been too bad so far.

Organizational Leadership Skills 399 - This class is fun. I was invited to take it for free (non-credit), for having good academic standing. It's once a week seminars on various topics. All were interesting to me, so I decided if I'm gonna take it I might as well take it for credit, so I did. It's not hard, basically we have quizzes and journal entries to write each week. Some great topics, too, that kinda harken me back to my TM days (they're big on leadership development). Last weeks session was on "life mission/vision", and I'm sure I could go on saying much more about this class - I'll save it for other posts.

Indiana Geology 135 - Wow, the only 100 level class I'm taking this semester. Should be a piece of cake since I took regular Geology last semester and got an A. This is just Geology specific to Indiana (duh). It's an online class, so I watch tapes of the lectures, and have to write a few papers. Should be an easy A.

I'll have 78 credit hours after this semester, just 46 more to go after that.

In other news.. I guess the links must be hard to differentiate, because now at least two people have missed/overlooked links on here that were below an image. Cora: That shirt is from ThinkGeek. And as for that lego guy back several posts, there's a site you can customize your own lego guy (or girl) to look like you, well, as close as possible. There's lots of different hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories you can use, all online. It's fun! I was hoping to see more people lego-ize themselves and post the pictures, but only Sheryl did. C'mon, lego and have some fun. [I will be changing my stylesheets so the links are easier to notice, FYI.]

Ok, that's all for right now.

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Sheryl Sheryl
"Lego" and have some fun. That's really bad.

Why, thank you. :-D

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