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Welcome Monday Fans!

Ok, there probably are not many Monday fans out there. This Monday hasn't been too bad for me so far, though. I got into work this morning (the call center) and the lab manager said he needed me to help him at Glendale. So it was nice to not have to be on the phones and actually go work on some computers. It was simple stuff, just changing a few things on all the computers in one of the labs.

He and I got talking about all sorts of stuff. He asked when I was graduating, and I told him "about another year", depending how many classes I took over the summer. Then he said something "I guess then we'll be looking for a new lab tech", as in "you'll be getting a better job." I said, in all honesty "Well I don't imagine it will be hard to replace me, I'm not irreplaceable" because the position is not that difficult, plus I've made some really dumb screw-ups the past couple months that have hurt my reliability a lot.

His reply was something to the fact that I have actually been a really good employee, which is why he's "fought", he said, to keep me on despite some of these problems. So he wasn't saying I was irreplaceable, but he was saying - for the most part - I've done a good job. So it felt nice to know that while my reliability isn't that great currently, I still have a reasonably good reputation. Reliability will just take time to rebuild, that's all.

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gwyneth gwyneth
that's a good story. i like stories like that.

bryan bryan
i'm glad, man. god is good to his people, even though we don't diserve it.

Sheryl Sheryl
sounds like he knows a good employee when he sees one. was that steve or cheung ho(sp)?

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